2006 Trends in Intellectual Patent Rights

2006 Trends in Intellectual Patent Rights

The costs to get a patent and the time it takes to get one due to the bureaucracy of the US Patent and Trademark Office is out of control. No longer can small garage inventors provide to get a patent for something they built in their garage that the world really needs. Instead the idea is stolen and some larger company simply starts mass-producing it as fast as possible and applies and gets the patents using in-house attorneys. The garage inventor is screwed as the costs for private attorneys to file these patents and the bureaucracy and time to move by the time of action is often unworkable. It is a typical government mess.

In the end the large company which produces the product only does so until the product is stolen and mass produced over in China and sold throughout the world at a lower cost than can be achieved here. This causes factories to go out of business and hurts our manufacturing sector, which is already being screwed over by excess over regulation. consequently laid off workers go home without jobs and start tinkering in their garages and start small businesses and invent things. Things, ideas and concepts, which are quickly stolen, produced by larger companies with lawyers and then stolen again and produced in China.

Well anyway, is anyone seeing how screwed up this re-occurring pattern is or is it just me a part-time retired entrepreneur who no longer produces as it would simply just get stolen and well you get the picture. Too bad you are too ineffective to speak up and do something about it. We are our own worst enemy with all our barriers to entry and stupid regulations and policies, no surprise China is kicking our ass; we are too stupid to recognize ours from a hole in the ground. Think on this in 2006.

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