5 Useful Features of the Conference Phone


A high-quality conference phone must include the right features to provide clear and crisp sound. This can relate to amplitude, noise, interactivity, reverberation and bandwidth. By balancing these different qualities of the phone setup, it is possible to make meaningful improvements on the sound that is noticed by the participants in a conference call.

The latest conference phones make use of the latest high-tech technology and are designed to be either wired or wireless. The wireless models are starting to be more favored because of its ability to provide greater flexibility, and look better on the boardroom table with no exposed wiring.

Here are some of the features to expect on the latest conference phones:

Standard features

Most of the conference phones are built with standard features that are seen on normal phones, such as keep up, move, redial and mute. Any decent phone should have at the minimum these basic features obtainable to use.

Gain Management

The gain management technology helps to switch off any unwanted pickup from the microphones that arent in use. This is an automatic system and can continue to adapt the sound quality during the meeting and make it much easier to hear and understand the other participants on the phone call.

Directional Microphones

The assistance of the directional microphones is the ability to eliminate much of the echo and noise that is noticed within the actual office or boardroom. This kind of microphone is quite expensive, but is a functional option in meetings that have a lot of people speaking. different choices include the Omni microphones, but these are not as effective at controlling ambient noise.


The setup that includes duplex technology makes it possible to experience the more free-flowing conversation that lets participants speak at the exact same time without noticing any cut out or interference. already in situations where the noise in the office is quite loud, it should nevertheless be possible to hear both parties talking on the phone at the same time.


The phones with greater interconnection abilities provide more versatile use and usable in a variety of different situations. Most of the interconnected systems are designed to accept extended or external microphones.

Overall, the different types of conference phones can vary considerably in relation to the features included, so it makes sense to carefully research the different roles to ensure it is able to match the specific conference calling needs.

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