A Few Careers For People Who Love Animals


If you enjoy working with animals, there are many different careers you might consider. Here are a few examples.


This is usually the first career people think of when they think of working with animals. A Veterinarian, DVM, or vet for short, is a physician for animals. Some vets work with companion animals like cats and dogs, while others work with farm animals. It usually takes between 4 and 8 years of schooling after high school to acquire a veterinary degree. The kind varies by country. Some countries grant the equivalent of a Bachelor’s, while others require the more extensive study of a doctorate degree. In the U. S., a person with either degree can find a career veterinary medicine as long as they pass national and state board exams.

Wildlife Rehabilitation

Wildlife rehabilitation is the time of action of taking sick or injured animals from the wild and nursing them back to health. The goal is to release them back into their natural environments once they are recovered. Although many wildlife rehabilitators work independently and on a volunteer basis, there are an increasing number of specialized wildlife rehabilitation hospitals, which aim veterinary students specifically for careers in this field.

Pet Therapist/ Psychologist

The specialized study of animal psychology is referred to as comparative psychology, which is the general term for the study of the cognitive functioning of animals other than humans. A degree in this kind of psychology is likely to rule you into a career in the research field. There are also people without degrees who practice counseling or therapy with animals, especially cats and dogs. These people typically have experience in the fields of animal rescue or training.


A Zookeeper works directly with the animals in a zoo. He or she is responsible for their care and feeding, maintaining their habitats, and reporting any noticed health problems. They monitor the animals’ behavior and psychological health, and participate in public education such as shows and talks involving the animals, and participate in research. There is not one specific degree required to work as a zookeeper. In the United States, zookeepers often have degrees in biology or zoology. In some other countries, a license for working with wild animals is required, and zookeepers must undergo an apprenticeship and characterize their knowledge and training.

Park Ranger/ Forest Ranger

A park ranger works with animals in a broader sense, as he or she oversees the maintenance of forests and park lands. Since many animals call these places home, a ranger is responsible for protecting the health and well-being of their habitat. Rangers do many different things, including law enforcement, overseeing the safety of park visitors, and providing environmental education. There are many different specializations, with varying license and education requirements.

That is just a small list of the careers possible for animal lovers. There are many others you might want to analyze.

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