additional-Sensory Perception (ESP) – What is It?

Have you ever had a feeling that you just could not shake? No matter how hard you tried, it persisted and you just knew something was wrong. There are distinctive kinds of additional Sensory Perception (ESP).

* The ability to know what is happening in other places is typically called clairvoyance. before called precognition or second sight, this is one kind of ESP.

* Another kind is the observations about others. Some people do readings and can tell the person aspects of their life they have no way of knowing.

* The third kind is the ability to ‘hear’ from people who are far away, those who have passed and from others who are not in your world.

The explanations for the different types of ESP range from no explanation to the fact that many people have a gift that others do not. Often called second sight in addition as clairvoyance this is as in addition unexplained. Why some people have the ‘gift’ and others do not is a mystery. Although it is believed that everyone has ESP to a certain extent and it is just not developed.

There are also those who believe this is hereditary. Instances of girl children developing ESP is more shared than boys. It has also been noted that daughters and granddaughters have ESP more often when the grandmother is clairvoyant.

The ability to see things that others cannot, such as future events is one of the unexplained aspects of this occurrences. The visions almost always appear as a warning of what is to come. The visions are described by those who see them as being very real. It is as if it is happening right in front of them.

The belief in those who have this aptitude is that most everyone is born with it. Have you ever watched a child have conversations with people who are not there? While many believe this is a normal behavior for children and their friends are imaginary, to the child the friend is really there. How do we know this is an imaginary person? Since we cannot see them, we assume they are not there. However, it could be that children have not learned to doubt and are more receptive to other worlds.

There have been many situations proven of people who knew things were going to happen before they truly did. This includes people who are separated by many miles. consequently they would have no way of knowing anything about what was happening at the time by any physical method.

Have you ever just known who was on the telephone when it rang? It was not someone who calls you regularly. It was someone you had not heard from in years. What explanation is there for this knowledge?

What about those who just have a feeling about something? Is this considered ESP in addition? Those who experience ESP say they cannot describe exactly how it feels – they just know something is wrong or about to happen. There is at this time no reason to believe that ESP is not a valid occurrence.

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