Amazing Pets and Animals – Wonderful Stories

Amazing Pets and Animals – Wonderful Stories

Christina Jussaume is the Christian author of the following books: My Walk With Jesus (2007), Joseph’s Star of Eternal potential (2008); and Spiritual Living Waters Flowing in Words (2008). She is an excellent author of Christian poetry and has received many accolades and praises regarding her poetry.  She is the inventor of the famous Christ-in-a-Rhyme poem and various other poetic forms. She is to be complimented for all her poetic efforts and inventions.

Christina is a real lover of pets and animals. Kitties are close to her heart. She has favorite name for them such as: Fluffy, Tamatha, and Mitten her first of the litter and real mischievous ones. Cocoa is the cool cat always relaxing. Jake is the one who stole the cake with the black tuxedo; Joshua the apple of her eyes in black and white; and Magic is just a precious soul. Magic has disappeared recently and hopefully by now has been found. Christina has written a special poem for Magic for magic.

Her love for Magic is like a mother’s love for her child. I also recalled the loss of a cat as a child and it was like I lost my best friend. Her kitties’ tales as just adorable and will bring joy to the hearts of the readers.   Christina also mixed special spicing to this book just like she is baking a special cake. The Fables give the book a special touch. I like the storyline in each, beginning with The Rooster and the Hen, to The Farmer, The Peacock and the Fox, and The Giraffe Family, the Fables are like spices in a special cake. The moral of these stories are also very touching.  

This book is very pleasing to the eyes with the variety of pictures she has included. The pictures have a thousand words regarding the poems they go with. These pictures are very touching and bring a sense of pride to the pages. As always, her special friend Pat Simpson has performed marvelously for her in setting up the pages as her publisher.  

One aspect that is always special and stands out in Christina’s book is her parents. Tributes are always given to them for their love and nurturing. Additionally, her children are next to her heart, and accolades are rendered upon them by a precious mother. The love of family certainly has a special place in her heart.   Christina is truly amazing in the way she brings Tinniesville, a rural small town, into her poems. Her articulation is wonderful regarding the story of this town. This is an excellent short story taken apart and written as a poem for everyone to enjoy in a different style of reading. This is so bright! Once again this creativity speaks of her excellent style of writing.  

This book is also a teaching tool. Reading about the Australian Kookaburra is a lesson in itself. I was under the impression this was a relative of the Kangaroo until I finally read the page and saw the picture. How amazing! Additionally, Denny the Dolphin is such fun to read about. Wait until you see Donna who is teasing Denny to take a jump with her. They are so fantastic and are attached to each other.   The variety of poetry forms used in this book is an education to the reader. I like how the Tanka form describes the hawk, and the Nonet form the eagle. The Quatrain form gives thorough vision to The Doggy Tales, The Bunny Rabbits, Bear Family, Tiger’s Plight, The Flying Squirrel, and others. I also like the pictures used with each poem.  

Her articulation of the haiku and senryu poems is just amazing.   Her bifurcated string of these poems is excellent in describing animals and their relationships. The pictures of the Sly Skunk and Prairie Dog are neatly positioned with each page and corresponding poem.   This is certainly another wonderful publication by Christina in her series of book and poetic collection. She is certainly building a library for her readers. Having known Christina for many years, being familiar with her creative poetic style, and having read all four of her book, I can give evidence to to the fact that she is an awesome poetess. 

Getting and reading her books is certainly a blessing in itself. Her articulation of poetic verses is certainly touching, moving, and uplifting.   More information may be obtained about Christina at the following sites:, and Please check out her sites and her book for great poetic verses.

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