An Online Nursing Degree – To Move Your Career Into the Fast Track

An Online Nursing Degree – To Move Your Career Into the Fast Track

To people who hear about an online nursing degree, the very concept seems incredible – medicine is something you need real hands-on experience in to gain any useful knowledge. How can anyone get a nursing degree online? Perhaps the ‘online nursing degree’ term is a bit misleading. These aren’t courses that allow anyone out of high school to learn how to be a nurse. These are continuing education advancement program that allow licensed and registered nurses to gain additional qualifications. Every online nursing degree here requires that every student complete an internship either at the university that offers the course, or at a hospital in the city they live in.

Choosing the right online nursing degree, you can have your job cut out for you. The course material for these can range from wonderfully complete interactive content, to bare-bones text-only lecture transcriptions that are difficult to understand at best. Let’s go by some of the best colleges that offer an online nursing degree. The ones here are offer valuable accreditation are all properly accredited.

First off, let’s start with Jacksonville University. If you are a registered nurse, an online course here allows you to graduate to being a BSN. The great thing about this course is that it’s completely accredited, the course here is eligible for all kinds of federal loans, and they have streaming videos of all their lectures. If you live in a place that has slow Internet, they already give you CDs of all the lectures you need.

The University of Cincinnati offers registered nurses a BSN or an MSN. The offer all kinds of specializations. If you wish to gain an MSN in midwifery, the course requires that you place yourself with a local community hospital. When you graduate, you apply for certification by the American College of Nurse-Midwives Certification Commission. To go into an MSN program though, you need to come in with either a BSN or you need to be a registered nurse. The University of Cincinnati’s programs are completely covered by federal loans too.

Of all the online institutions there are out there that allow you to acquire online degrees, the University of Phoenix has the biggest presence. The University of Phoenix is the largest American University there is, barring none. Their nursing courses are completely accredited nationally, and you get all kinds of federal loans and grants with this college.

Their MSN program gives you a great grounding in nursing and business skills. Not only will you gain from better nursing training, you’ll learn all about financial accounting, report writing and the like. It’s an MBA and MSN in one. To qualify for this program though, you need to have a bachelor’s degree and be a registered nurse, and you have to have three years under your belt working in healthcare. In the end, the University of Massachusetts, Boston Online has an accredited BS in nursing. What sets it except the other ones is that it requires that you attend classes a little bit. You start out with an arrangement program, and you need to attend at the minimum four hours other than this in a Health Assessment and Promotion course. You can also complete these requirements in the city you live in.

If you are a nurse and you wish to expand your qualifications, you can’t go wrong with any one of these great well-established nursing degrees.

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