Annual Scouts Food excursion hopes to collect 2 million non-perishables

ST. LOUIS – If you’re one of the many who noticed a blue bag hanging from your doorknob Saturday morning, it was placed there for good reason.  

More than 25,000 scouts, parents, and volunteers took to the streets of 60 counties in parts of Missouri and Illinois for the annual Scouting Food Good Turn food excursion.  

“It teaches us to like to be generous to everyone else in our community and to show that people truly do need help. It’s really cool to see all the people in our community gather to help like serve each other,” Boy Scout Lorenzo Gutting said.  

Saturday morning was the first step in the scouting food course of action. the bag is left at a home with the hope the resident will fill the bag. the scouts will then return next weekend to collect the donated food.  

“I really love seeing how generous people can be,” Gutting said.  

An estimated two million cans of food will be collected this year. Then the items will be taken to local fire stations where they’re boxed and sorted.   

The number sounds big, but Boy Scout Lorenzo Gutting says it’s the big hearts of those donating that make the lofty number a reality. 

“We get things, from like a bag with one can in it, to a like a big box. ‘I’ve had like two boxes that are ten pounds each that have been donated complete of non-perishables that just help everyone else,” Gutting said.  

Scout Master George McClandiss said serving the community is one of the many things that go into being a scout and today was a great opportunity to serve as they are ready for next weekend.  

“This helps a larger range of people, and they have an understanding outside of themselves to appreciate things. because people need things they can’t always get,” Scout Master McLandiss said.  

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