Are Animals Psychic?

This is a question that has puzzled people for decades. Sceptics will answer no – they simply use their instincts and senses. So what is the difference? Instincts and senses are basically one and the same thing. It is said that they instinctively sense when danger is pending, but there are many reported situations of animals using their instincts or senses when danger is not in question.

Many pet owners have set up video recorders in their homes to video the habits of their cats or dogs. A very large percentage report that their dog spends most of its time in it’s basket, but about five minutes before it’s owner is due to return home, it becomes alert and starts to fidget. Dogs cannot read the time on a clock, so has to rely on it’s senses to work out the time that it’s master will arrive home. Some pets get very disturbed about an hour or so before a storm. Maybe they sense atmospheric pressures, but as they cannot talk to us, we can only presume. Many pet owners will tell you amazing stories about how instinctive their pets are – if it is instinct!

So, animals that live in the wild, do they live off their instincts, or do they have a sixth sense? How can we ever know for certain. Someone who is described as psychic, relies on their feelings, senses and instincts – the same as animals. Some report to have visions of impending events, do animals? We will never know, but we all know and believe that animals have more developed senses than man. Maybe that is what we all call the sixth sense, or perhaps better described as “far-sighted”.

Clairvoyants and psychics could also be described as far-sighted, although it is not a label they prefer. A psychic will rely on feelings and senses more then a clairvoyant, who is usually more visionary. Either way, it is a sixth sense. Mediums also study hard to develop their sixth sense – they believe we all have the capacity to do this, but chose not to. Some clairvoyants and psychics believe their gift is genetic, and that their ancestors had the same powers. Others will tell you that they were simply born with the gift, and have no logical explanation.

So if we are willing to accept that animals have a sixth sense, why do we find it so hard to believe that man, too, can have a sixth sense? If we can accept that we may well have, then it makes sense to use these people to help out with our everyday lives. Psychics, mediums and clairvoyants, all have one aim in life, and that is to use their talent to better and help their fellow man. The difference between man and animals, is that man can communicate his senses, instincts and feelings to his fellow man, but an animal can maybe communicate to it’s own kind, but not to man. So back to the original question – are animals psychic? Can we describe their senses and instincts as “far-sighted” or a sixth sense? Pity Doctor Doolittle didn’t really exist!

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