Article Marketing And Commenting Are nevertheless Valid SEO Methods

I’ve been marketing on the net now for the better part of 20 years now and of all the methods I’ve used, articles are nevertheless the way to get traffic by back links. And to me, writing articles has become second character. Why? Because I rely on my past experience and pay attention to what the guru’s are saying. It’s the majority of opinions by these folks that article marketing and comments from outside supplies are nevertheless two of the free methods that are most effective.

1. Spreading articles around the net.

It used to be that you could write a great article and then spread that same content to as many article directories and blogs you could find. That’s not the case any more. Google and the other search engine giants are now looking specifically for original content. By original content, I average one of a kind articles. Some use the method of spinning the articles. Spinning is the time of action of replacing words in the content that have the same meaning. This may be effective to a certain degree but not in most instances.

Now, to have original content, but use the same basic article you need the use the “in other words” approach. In other words, rewrite the article IN OTHER WORDS. And this isn’t really a difficult concept if you really think about it. You already have a format laid out in your original. for example; An article titled “What Comes In Springs” could be re-titled “What Blooms In April”. There’s your start. The next step would be to re-write each use another way with the same meaning. As I said, it’s a simple course of action if you think about it.

Now that you have your article re-produced as a rare, original piece of content, the next step is to start promoting these where you’ve posted them. If you post one on EzineArticles, tweet it with’s URL. Do the same with your Google+ account and Facebook. On Facebook, maybe already raise the post. I’m sure EzineArticles would love the additional traffic and except for the Facebook raise, if you decide to do that, it wouldn’t cost you a dime and your article gets the promotion you’re wanting.

Forums (Message Boards) can also be considered as a place to create a mini article. Ever think about that?. There are a bunch of forums that are hungry for more and more members and posts. Why not take advantage of that bit of information and put some of the ideas from your articles on these boards to spark conversations. There’s something called a identifying characteristics area on message boards where you can place a billboard of sorts on every post you make. The advantages to this are (a) your content is being read by more and more people, (b) you have links to your website being put in front of everyone who reads and comments to your thread. Talk about a win/win scenario.

Build your own blog. Place original content on it and as often as allowed, submit it to the major search engines for indexing. Socialize the heck out of it in Twitter, Facebook, Google+, StumbleUpon, etc. Whenever you update the content, re-tweet it for good measure.

2. request comments to your articles.

Search engines gobble this up and truly put more credibility on content with comments from as many supplies as you can get. Ask your friends on Facebook to go and read your article and then place a comment. Most blogs and some article directories allow this. See if there are any groups that will trade comments with you. is a good source for comments if you can’t get any friends to help you out.

If handled in the proper way, your articles can be a great source of traffic to your site.

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