Behind The Scenes Look At The NBA’s Best Player, Steve Nash

Behind The Scenes Look At The NBA’s Best Player, Steve Nash

Steve Nash has achieved more in his NBA career than most players could ever dream of. After two exceptional seasons as the leagues MVP, Nash is making a run at his third straight award. He would join a microscopic list of players who have ever achieved this feat. This elite group includes only Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, and Larry Bird. What makes this Canadian hoopster tick? How does he crank out career-kind games night after night? What does he know that the rest of the league doesnt?

Nash is leading his Phoenix Suns to a 44-14 (76%) mark this season, bested only by the Dallas Mavericks. Nightly he contributes 18.9 points, 11.8 assists, and 3.3 rebounds to his fast breaking team. He is the engine that moves this Western Conference scoring machine.

So what is it about Steve Nash that makes him the best players in the NBA for the last 2 plus years? The following is a collection of thoughts, quotes, and opinions on what makes Steve Nash tick.

Eye-hand coordination—Steve Nash has demonstrated amazing hand-eye coordination, agility and balance that allow him to make shots from nearly impossible angles. As a youngster, Nash was a talented soccer and hockey player and both his father and brother played specialized soccer. Athletic—TV analyst Bill Walton calls Nash the most unathletic player in the NBA. I surprise how Nash, playing in the ultra-athletic NBA, can be named its best player being UNathletic? Personally, I loved Walton as a player, but maybe the use and tear of 500 Grateful Dead concerts is taking its toll. excursion—Some athletes are pushed by a life of poverty with the NBA representing their ticket to freedom. Nashs fierce determination seems to come from an thoroughly different place. Of course, exactly what motivates him remains a mystery, already to his family. How do you explain where excursion comes from? Nashs brother Martin told Sports Illustrated. You cant. Anticipation—Nash played high school ball at St. Michaels University School in Victoria, British Columbia. He was always two steps, three steps ahead of what was happening on the court, his high school coach says. Nash says, I kind of just think its the way I am. Its an ability to be aware of whats going on around you, and I think some people are just aware more continuously than others. Youre kind of able to keep a running dialogue of whats happening around you instead of it being fragmented and segmental. Ball Handling—What makes Nashs ball-handling skills so lethal is a combination of traits that range from talent to an unparalleled work ethic. His vision and his relationship with teammates also play a role. Early athletic experience—Ive always thought soccer was a good explanation of who he is as a basketball players, said brother, Martin, 29, a specialized soccer player in Canada. Soccer is not a sport where you can be an individual. The role he played in soccer, playmaker, basically the point guard, is kind of the role he played in every sport, from rugby to lacrosse to hockey. Vision—Nash has great vision on the court. Nash sees the court so well and his incredible decision making helps him determine whether to excursion the lane or pass. Top Physical Condition—Nash is in the best shape of his career. He credits a program designed by Vancouver physiotherapist Rick Celebrini that is training tied to functional basketball moves. For more than a month last summer, the two met five of six times a week for five hours a day. I can honestly say that in the 13 years Ive been doing this, and that includes all the Olympic athletes Ive trained, Ive never met a person more committed to his sport than he is, says Celebrini. Leadership—I dont mind at all taking responsibility for a loss, but I do mind not giving myself and my team and chance to win, Nash said. Sometimes you have to put yourself on the line. I feel much better at night if people are pointing a finger at me for not getting the job done than if Im pointing the finger at me for not getting the job done than if Im pointing the finger at myself because I didnt try to step up. Thats the stuff that eats at you. Playmaker—He is noticeably quick, resourceful, and great shooter, able to penetrate, a master playmaker, and a pinpoint passer. Unselfish—There are scorers, fellas, and there are passers. Steve Nash isnt just a scorer, fellas, hes a scorer and a passer, fellas! With great interest I will watch the rest of the NBA season and playoffs. Racing for an NBA title will be Steve Nashs ultimate goal. Becoming the NBAs best player along the way for the third straight season would be miraculous on top of it all!

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