Black Homeowners Guide to Fighting Termites – 6 Signs You Have Them

Black Homeowners Guide to Fighting Termites – 6 Signs You Have Them

The termites are coming! With the combination of unseasonable weather, a slow real estate market, and without of termite inspections and control, termites continue increase at upsetting rates – especially in African American neighborhoods. Other than water, termites are your homes greatest enemy. They love to slowly eat away at your homes foundation. In fact, all they do is eat and make love, not a bad life if you ask me. But I digress.

The three groups of termites that love to snack on your home are dampwood termites, drywood termites and subterranean termites.

The most lethal to your homes structure and foundation comes from drywood termites and subterranean termites. Drywood termites live above ground and love mostly warm coastal locations. For example, California, Texas, Florida, Louisiana.

Subterranean termites have the largest population and are in the most locations, consequently present the biggest threat to the largest number of homes.

Here’s Five Signs You Have Termites:

1. Hallow wood.

Poke wood near foundation of your home with a pointed metal object. Severely damaged wood eaten from the inside is usually a sign of termites.

2. Dirt in wood.

Termite love moisture, so many people often confuse termite damage with water damage and vice-versa. The best way to recognize termite damage is that termite bring dirt up into the wood.

3. Large numbers of winged termites swarming from wood or the soil often are the first noticeable sign of termites. Termites typically swarm in early spring. You may also notice winged termites swarming around wind sills.

4. Other signs of termites include mud tubes and mud coming from fractures between boards and beams around or under your home.

5. Light attracts winged termites and they discarded their wings in window sills, cobwebs, and other on other surfaces . When you notice winged termites or the wings they discarded inside your home, this is often a sign of termite infestation. Consult a qualified termite company.

6. Follow the moisture trail.

Moisture is the number 1 source that attracts termites. Check areas around your house that regularly moist. For example under leaky faucets, sprinklers, pipes, puddles, etc.

Follow the water. “Moisture is probably the No. 1 draw for termites,” says Potter. So look in areas beside the house where moisture holds – under leaky faucets or around air-conditioning units – “anything that lets water puddle close to the foundation.”

What To Do If You See Termite Signs or Clues.

First don’t panic. Fortunately termites like to savor what they eat, so they are slow eaters. According to termite experts it typically takes a colony five years to eat by a pound of wood. But if you notice an infestation you should call in a specialized, you most likely have multiple colonies happening.

How to Prevent Termites

The best protection from termites is prevention.

Here’s five tips to prevent inviting termites to dinner at your home.

1. Avoid stacking of allowing wood or wood products against your home, like lumber, tree branches or limbs. This is like putting a juicy piece of meat out for your termites, a very inviting dinner bell.

2. Avoid allowing moisture to stand close to your homes foundation. This is also very attractive to termites, they adore moisture, it’s very uncommon to them, they like having a drink with their dinner too.

3. Homeowner with decks love storing wood and wood products underneath. This is also like placing a let’s do lunch invitation to hungry termites.

4. Make sure you keep dirt around your home from touching the wood siding of your house. This allows subterranean termites to easily go into your home. It’s like providing elevator service. Make sure you keep the wood around your home at the minimum 12 inches off the ground, according to University of California’s Integrated Pest Management Program.

5. Make sure you correct anything that allows standing water, moisture or doesn’t allow water to naturally flow away from your homes precious foundation. A dry foundation is boring to termites.

Termites damage is responsible for billions of dollars in damage to homes and commercial building every year, according to a recent University of California study. Now you have simple, effective tips to recognize and prevent these pesky creatures from literally eating you out of house and home.

If you speculate you may have termites consult your local pest control company for a free inspection.

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