Brianna Kupfer: New video of speculate released as police allurement for hel…

Brianna Kupfer: New video of speculate released as police allurement for hel…

Police hunting for the killer of UCLA grad student Brianna Kupfer have released a new video of the speculate.

Police say Ms Kupfer, 24, was working alone at the furniture store Croft House in Hancock Park just before 2pm on Thursday afternoon when a man wandered into the shop, attacked and killed her, and left by a back door.

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Newly released video footage shows a masked man wearing a hoodie walking by an alleyway behind the store moments after the killing.

Los Angeles police released this photo of the man accused of stabbing Brianna Kupfer to death

(Los Angeles Police Department )

The speculate can be seen walking calmly towards Oakwood method and La Brea method.

LAPD detective Herman Frettlohr told reporters Ms Kupfer had been alone in the store when she was attacked, and her body was discovered by a customer 20 minutes later.

“We don’t know what the cause of the attack was, or what the motivation was however.”

Police are urging residents and business owners in the upmarket central Los Angeles suburb to report any suspicious behaviour.

Ms Kupfer, an architectural design student from Pacific Palisades, was a graduate of the University of Miami.

Her grieving father Todd Krupfer told Fox News his daughter was a “kind soul” who was always trying to make everything around her better.

“She cared about people,” he said.

Mr Kupfer blamed political inaction for the surging crime levels in Los Angeles.

“We have a lot of politicians that somehow forgot about people and think the meaningful to getting elected is to sustain the lowest rung of our society and to give them rights and somehow that’s the answer to getting votes,” he said.

Police say Brianna Kupfer, 24, was fatally stabbed by a homeless man who walked into the store where she was working

(CBS Los Angeles)

“Crime is truly spiking, and we have a lot of criminals on the streets that should not be out.”

According to her Linkedin profile, Ms Kupfer had been working as a design consultant at Croft House for about a year.

She also studied at the University of Sydney in Australia in 2018 as part of a study oversea programme.

The LAPD said the speculate is a Black male of unknown age wearing a dark hoody, sunglasses, a white N-95 disguise, dark skinny jeans, dark shoes. He was also carrying a dark back pack.

“Based on evidence discovered by detectives, the speculate is believed to be homeless,” the LAPD said.

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