Cable car plummets to ground in Czech Republic, killing worker

Cable car plummets to ground in Czech Republic, killing worker

One person was killed after a cable car crashed to the ground in the Czech Republic.

Officials said one of two cabins dropped from its cable in the north of the country on Sunday afternoon.

The fatality was reported to be a staff member who was alone in the means when it fell onto the mountainside.

None of the 15 people from the second cabin were injured, rescuers said. An investigation has now been launched.

Rescue spokesman Michael Georgiev told Czech television: “One cabin fell while on its way down. There was one person inside, who unfortunately succumbed to their injuries.

“Fortunately, the other cabin stayed in its normal place, some 15 people were evacuated, they should be without injuries, just suffered mental shock.”

The Jested cable car is a popular tourist allurement and was scheduled to close for winter maintenance the following day


The incident was the first involving the Czech Republic’s oldest cable car, which dates to 1933.

Operated by the Czech Railways, it leads almost to the top of 3,300 feet (1,000 metres) Jested Mountain, near the city of Liberec.

The crash took place the day before the cable car was scheduled to undergo a planned two-week maintenance.

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