Change Your Avatar PHP

Change Your Avatar PHP


Change Your Avatar is an progressive file upload script produced with jQuery and PHP that allows uploading image or taking a picture with a web camera and set it as your profile picture.

You can crop, rotate, resize, flip the uploaded / camera taken picture on the FLY. Once it is done you can save the image path in the database and store the file in the server.

It is very easy to customize the codes. already you can add this code to your existing project very easily, just copy paste.


  • Responsive & Mobile Friendly
  • Drag & drop upload
  • Take picture with the webcam
  • Upload image from PC
  • Crop, rotate, resize, flip images
  • Upload, Crop, Change image without page refresh
  • speed in/out image with mouse while
  • Easy customization PHP and jQuery code
  • Save image path in database
  • Delete user old image from avatar folder
  • Well proven PDF file included


Build In

  • Bootstrap 4
  • HTML & CSS3
  • PHP7+ Compatible
  • jQuery
  • Image produced without use of PHP GD library


Well proven PDF file included in the zip file.

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