Christmas Cruise Vacations

Christmas Cruise Vacations

Christmas cruises are an easy way to great number a complete family vacation without losing the spirit of the holidays. Most holiday cruises offer decorations, holiday-centric events and meals that allow you to focus on your family and not the strain of hosting guests, cooking dinner and planning activities.

To learn about the basics of holiday cruise vacations, keep reading for great tips on how to book a Christmas cruise and save money.

Book Early

As Christmas cruising grows in popularity, cruise lines are adding more ships, but they can’t always keep up with the need, so book early. If you’re planning to cruise with a large entourage like a complete, extended family, you may need to book as early as six months to a year in improvement.

By booking early you’ll get greater cabin selection and possible early-bird discounts that can save you money.

Look For Kid-Friendly Options

If you’re traveling with children this Christmas, look for a sailing that’s geared toward families with kids. These boats will not only be fully decorated for the Christmas season, but they’ll most likely have a Santa on board along with kid-friendly, Christmas activities.

If you’re traveling with teenagers or older children, a Disney cruise may not be for you. Look for a cruise option that hosts activities that popularity to all age groups. Today, cruise ships offer everything from on-board surfing to rock climbing. If you’re disinctive about what the ship specifically offers for the holidays, don’t hesitate to call the cruise line directly to ask.

Arrive One Day Early

Depending from where your ship departs, you may need to fly or excursion to your port of departure. If you’re traveling with a family or a large group or if you’re all rendezvousing in your departure port city, arrive a day early. December can be a stormy month with storm delays and highway traffic, so don’t get left behind this Christmas.

Have a Point Person

If you’re booking as an extended family, make sure you have one very patient point person responsible for all the details from collecting money to distributing itineraries. Having one responsible family member be responsible for the details keeps all the information in one place and creates less confusion.

Stick to Small Presents

Cruise ships are big, but the cabins are small. Either opt for one small present each or open your presents before or after you depart.

Finally, have fun.

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