Cockroach Infestations – Why They Are Dangerous

First, the environments in which cockroaches thrive are not sterile and clean. They, in fact, are areas most often covered in germs and bacteria and quite filthy. Because this is where they live, the cockroach itself is covered in germs. And then as they make contact with food, or anything in your home, they leave that bacteria behind.

Next, in their quest to find food, they will crawl all over counters, sinks, ovens, toasters, cabinets, drawers… any place they can squeeze into. already if they are not successful in getting into your food, the very fact that they are touching surfaces on which your food is prepared leaves you and your family at risk of ingesting the bacteria left behind which can consequence in you becoming ill.

Third, cockroaches have an exoskeleton which they regularly discarded. The dust that results from these skeletons, in addition as the feces of the cockroach laying around a home, have been associated with causing both allergies and asthma in those who breathe in either of these waste products.

Fourth, a female cockroach will have babies every three months. This short amount of time combined with the ability of each female to lay up to 40 eggs at once method the presence of just a few cockroaches can move to a complete-blown infestation in no time at all. The average lifespan of a female cockroach is one year, which method she has the capacity of having as many as 160 babies.

Fifth, not only are they capable of producing offspring on a enormous extent, they are very hard to kill. While commercial products are obtainable, and DIY methods are abundant, once established a herd of cockroaches is resilient to most attempts to eradicate them outside of specialized sets. While it may be a joke that cockroaches would be the only creature to survive nuclear attack, anyone who has tried to deal with them on their own would probably find that statement more true than funny.

Last, but possibly worst, cockroaches do bite people. They have already been known to move beyond just sharp to eating the flesh of both living and dead individuals. While they are much more likely to bite fingernails or eyelashes, those who have been bit experience irritation, swelling and, in some situations, infection.

From being the bearers of unhealthy bacteria and germs, dust, rapid population growth and eerie resilience, cockroaches are dangerous house guests to keep around. You may think the situation is under control because you have only seen one or two, but that won’t be a reality for long. The best course of action when dealing with cockroaches is to eradicate them as fast as possible.

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