Comparing Polycom IP 7000 to Other Models

Comparing Polycom IP 7000 to Other Models

Are you planning to enhance the communications system in your office? All you need are more progressive tools to manager your telecommunication needs. You can save more money if you use IP Phones like the Polycom IP 331.

The Polycom IP 331 SoundPoint Phone is perfect for cubicle workers. It also works well for call center operators using hard lines connected to client calls on PC. It has the well-known Acoustic Clarity Technology, which provides users with optimum sound quality by the speakers. It has the ability to minimize noise and echoes in conversations. You can keep up, pick-up, and move calls to other phones. Three-way conference is also obtainable in this system. This phone supports boot and call server redundancy. With this, you can enjoy uninterrupted performance. You can choose for this unit to be on a base stand or mounted on a wall.

You will also need a unit for your conference room. When the bosses cannot attend the meetings, they can nevertheless stay in touch with their teams by conference calls. Investors or clients may also join in the meeting. For this use, you need a unit that will provide a clear and precise sound quality fit for a large room.

Polycom IP 7000 or the SoundStation IP 7000 can help raise the productivity in your workplace. It features Polycom HD Voice technology, which reduces listener fatigue by turning conference calls into interactive conversations. Simply put, it can easily capture deeper and higher voices without any problem. Due to this, conversations in this system sound natural – it’s like the person on the other line is just near you. The problem with most devices is the buzzing reception if the voice is either too high or too low.

Polycom IP 7000 is best for conference calls. With an progressive audio performance, it eliminates distracting dropouts. It cancels out echoes so you do not have to suffer from loud feedback. Most devices sacrifice one characterize for the other. This conference phone does not to pay attention to that and can give you both benefits without any trouble. It is also one of most flexible and expandable conference phones under this brand.

Unlike other models with limited capabilities, you can add different uses to your Polycom IP 7000. You can connect two units together to increase loudness and microphone pickup. Doing this also improves the multiple call control interfaces in the conference room. You may also plug in two expansion microphones. This is ideal for larger conference rooms since sound is not contained well.

Go online and check these products for more information. It is best to check out other models and compare prices, features and suitability. While these devices can help you save more on cost from an expensive telecommunications system, you nevertheless need to choose the one fit to your kind of business. Choose which will be most advantageous to your office and watch your workflow become faster and more efficient.

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