Cosmic Repetition

Each galaxy has its own bodies of matter with each moving toward a black hole in the middle of the galaxy. I propose that black holes need our energy. They consume complete galaxies. Are we part of a strange cosmic food web or neural network? I propose we are. Gamma rays and x-rays are emitted by black holes, why? Scientists can speculate about how, but why? It mimics a neurotransmitter that delivers the energy charge from a transmitter cell to a receiver cell. It is a dispersement of energy from one part of the universe to another part of the universe. We are a part of a larger course of action. The brain resembles the probabilistic fractal; which is what the universe is.1 This universe is a spectrum. The spectrum contains light, visible and non, microwaves, radio (sound), x-rays, (light), gamma rays and a few different types of radiation. 2 I propose that all points of space are connected. Time divides space but it is only an illusion.

We are but infants in evolution. We keep up seemingly far away knowledge inside of us. It is completely locked up inside and the meaningful is just out of reach, for the moment. One single point truly exists, “the space between”… the moment. I propose that black holes make up some sort of connection by a neural network, like a brain. A wormhole the neural connection. One can only speculate as to what happens at the event horizon. My hypothesis is a connection to all points of universe by speeds faster that light, this is why light cannot easily escape. however, it does ultimately escape spewing the debris into the universe.

We are transmitters and receivers, sentient “outcomes” that are produced by this very colorful and reflective magnet, the electro-magnetic spectrum. One only need to look at all the complicate, however eerie similar patterns in character and see how they are visible proof of the evolution of the spectrum.

We are able to perceive more and more than we ever thought we could and will soon have greater capabilities than we can already imagine, these capabilities being both good and bad at the same time. We can perceive only a minute fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum. This spectrum encompasses the manner in which we perceive the universe and this perception allows the senses to function. We only use a fraction of our projected output of our brains, given current studies. One from this world only comprehends a few discrete forms of matter. We cannot already begin to comprehend all the however undiscovered states of matter.

We’ve evolved from star dust to this. All bits of matter carry the information from it from each transformation from matter to energy and back, since the beginning.



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