Creative Visualization, The Law Of allurement and Alpha Mind strength

Creative Visualization, The Law Of allurement and Alpha Mind strength

Creative visualization is best done in a light ‘sleepy’ state of alpha brain wave frequency. This is the state you will find yourself in just as you wake up or just before you go to sleep at night. Getting into this state at will does require some practice and you can begin to do this by meditation. Meditation calms the mind and quietens the thoughts. Your brain wave frequency slows down from the normal beta waking frequency allowing you to get into a state of relaxed mental awareness.

In this state you are better able to contemplate, visualize, problem solve and access a much deeper level of creativity than you would otherwise be able to in the normal waking state. Once in the alpha state you can visualize events and circumstances which you would like to manifest in your life. The feelings associated with these self generated images act like a strong magnet to your subconscious mind, letting it know what you wish to create in your life.

The law of allurement is a governing rule of the universe of which we are a part. Our deeper desires and wishes are continually being interpreted by the subconscious mind and manifesting as results in our lives. Our continued thinking is also feeding the subconscious mind which can be likened to a “high garden identify, in which weeds will grow in abundance if the seeds of more desirable crops are not sewn” – Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow high. By using creative visualization we are programming our mind to concentrate on the things which we truly want in our lives. As we do this other thoughts will also come to our attention – helping us. Our subconscious mind will help us to unprotected to these goals if we keep a continuous focus of attention on it.

Much of the confusion over the film The Secret comes from the misunderstanding of these principles. Our minds are powerful creators and are continuously working. Our thoughts which we offer on a daily basis continue to speak to our subconscious minds, creating events, meetings and circumstances in our lives.

Often our busy lives rule us into conflict and this can create negative thought patterns. We get caught up in thinking of those things which we truly do not want in our lives. We can’t let go of them and we can begin to obsess over them. This creates a habit of negative thinking which can ultimately rule over our lives – becoming our principal mental attitude.

By stepping away from people or circumstances which are bad for us, we can recalibrate our thinking processes and learn to choose our thoughts in line with what we truly want instead of concentrating on and ultimately manifesting those things which we definitely do not desire.

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