Easy Typing Cash Review – Is This a authentic Business Opportunity?

Easy Typing Cash Review – Is This a authentic Business Opportunity?

Easy Typing Cash is a work-at-home online opportunity that can presumably pay you a lot money for simply typing articles. All you have to do is kind in the comfort of your home. Tim Thomas’ program touts that you will have immediate access to over 10,000 companies, ready and willing to pay you premium dollar amounts for your blog posts, short articles and filling out two-minute surveys. One needs to take a closer look to see how they say this can all be attained.

Basically for an enrollment/ebook buy of $27 or $47 (I saw both of these offers), you will be given some tips on how to write for money. ETC also has online sustain with any questions and guidance. The reader needs to understand that the product here is an actual affiliate program. You will be paying around $40 a month member dues and most likely employing Clickbank. CB is tied into many similar programs that you will see in these kind of internet pitches. You clearly nevertheless need to acquire some good writing skills, patience and substantial mentoring to initially already break-already money doing this. You will receive your money by referring this ETC program to others. Day after day you are to write articles and blog posts as a way to filter people back to this program to get them signed up for ETC.

As far as making for example, $35 for each blog post, up to $75 doing short articles or already making at the minimum $125 “just 15 minutes after signing up”, writing online is serious business and to make easy money like this is a little misleading. It will realistically take a while and a lot of hard, focused work to figure out how to make this kind of money from an affiliate program. It will most likely take weeks or many months of discipline and commitment to see these types of results to be able to move this to anyone that you sign up with ETC. You will often be competing against professionals a lot of the time and you have to ask yourself if a simple eBook is going to have companies immediately paying you a lot of money for a few lines of data?

Overall, Easy Typing Cash looks to be a authentic business opportunity, however, you will need a lot of people signing up with you and then for you and for them to be a good writer to make reasonable money. For those of us who have found success in an online business, it has come by extensive, step by step training, substantial mentoring and the willingness to do the work at hand; did I mention having a lot of fun at the same time? Building an online business does come with a learning curve that can be made simple over time and by patience. It is wise to do your best due diligence before joining any business opportunity before spending any money or time.

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