examination Of The Various Typologies Of Catharsis

Catharsis is a term that was coined by the Philosopher and it method a purifying of emotion or an emotional cleansing.

In this article I would like to discuss the various forms of catharsis.

First and foremost is aesthetic catharsis and what does it average? Aesthetic catharsis can be defined as a course of action of creation and experience of art. Art can be music, painting, and literature. Behind the production of art there is a creator and he by the time of action of creation undergoes a catharsis of expression. Aesthetic catharsis can also be a course of action of experiencing art. For example watching the sun set with its ambience of colours is and aesthetic experience. Similarly the roar of the groups, the sweet chime of winds, and the musical sounds of birds all these become an experience of beauty.

The second kind of Catharsis is an existential one. The philosophy of existentialism as defined by me is a celebration of life. Life is a gift from God and that makes life a preciousness of being. In existentialism catharsis can be one of viewing life by affirmation and negation. Affirmation lies in the celebration of meaning and negation lies as a fruit to transcend shortcomings. The beauty of life is an epitome of celebration of meaning. Life as the existential philosophers say is not chaos, anomie, boring or repetitive but life lives in the lived experience of meaning.

The next form of catharsis is a psychological one. Now what does it average? Freud has anatomized three states of psychological being, the ID, the Ego and the Super Ego. The ID is a dominant state of passion and emotions, the ego is the values and norms of the society and the super-ego is the laws of the society. An ideal state of beauty would be a balancing of the three states, the Id, the Ego and the super-ego. An individual in a psychological state of existence has to celebrate the ID, the sublimate the ego and subvert the super ego.

The next form of it is the catharsis of the will. Will is the psychic embodiment of the manifestation of desire. The famous Philosopher Schopenhauer has said: there is a will to live and the will to die. The manifestation of will is the progeny to satisfying the desires of the soul. Will is tool for the beautification of the soul.

The next form of it is the beauty of memory. Memory is the past experience of lived life. Memory is the simulacrum of transmitting messages for a thinking soul to the present and also a desire for positive outcomes in the future state of existence.

The next form is a Philosophical one. Philosophy tries to make an attempt to ask the meaning of beauty in the existence of life. Life can be positive and engaging or life can be boring, dull and repetitive. Philosophy transcends the experience of life and dwells on the question of the meaning of being to a beauty of life.

The next form of it is a political one. Now what is it in Political terms? In political terms, it can be according to Hegel’s Philosophy a thesis, an antithesis and combination. Let’s look at some examples. India was colonized by the British a thesis and suffered the yoke of colonial rule an antithesis, and Gandhi liberated India from colonial rule by a philosophy of nonviolence a combination.

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