Expanding Our Hearts


This year my New Years resolution is to get more involved in life outside my regular sphere. Often my days are consumed with work, family and friends. However, Now I am focusing on changing that limited scope. I am in the time of action of having my young dog certified as a therapy dog. We have been in training for over a year. Soon we will be certified and will be able go to nursing homes and the pediatric ward at the hospital to visit the patients.

This little furry bundle of love has blessed me with her devotion, playfulness and warmth. Soon we will get to proportion our love with people who could use a raise in their lives. I was inspired by my older brother who had a stroke and who is living in a nursing home in Florida. Fridays are his favorite day of the week because they bring in therapy dogs to visit the residents. He lights up when they appear!

Each of us can make a positive difference in someone else’s life if we are willing to open our eyes and see where help is needed. Sometimes just the smallest effort brings the greatest rewards to not just the person you help but also to your own heart. Loving acts of kindness can help to heal, grief, loneliness and hopelessness.

We live in a world that is busy and fast and in that activity the caring if one heart towards another can be reduced. Let us each endeavor to find some time to care about our neighbor, community members or those that are hurting.

For this new year, consider how you can step out of your box and touch another’s hand, heart or life. Every day is a chance to be someone you really want to be.

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