• Click "Register" -> Fill in the information: Name, Contact Number, Email, Password, Confirm Password -> Click the button "I agree to the Terms and Conditions" -> Then click "Register"

  • Click on "Login" -> Fill in the information: Email, Password -> Select "Remember me" if you want to no longer need to log in next time -> Then click "Login"

  • Click on "Login" -> Click on "Forgot password?" -> Fill in your email -> Then click "Reset my account" -> Go to your email and follow the instructions

  • Note: You must be logged in to "post". Click "post" -> Select "Category" to post news -> Then enter all required information -> After entering all information, select "I agree to Term & conditions" -> Then click "Post"

  • Go to the "/packages/" page -> Choose the right QC Package -> Then proceed to shopping -> After payment, QC Package will take effect immediately -> Note: Once purchased, QC Package will not be returned/refunded

  • Go to the "Profile" page -> Select "Manage Posts" -> Select "My Posts", Here you see all your posts -> Select the message to Bump Up, then click "Bump Up" -> Bump Up number will be deducted accordingly

  • Go to the "Profile" page -> Select "Manage Posts" -> Select "My Posts", Here you see all your posts -> Select the story to be Featured, then click "Mark as Featured" -> The number of "Featured Posts" will be deducted accordingly

  • Featured posts are posts that are currently in a more prominent position than regular posts. Viewers/searchers will be easier to see.

  • Bump up is to bring your post from the following pages to the front page position.

  • Auction is a form of a user who wants to sell their product in the form of whoever pays the highest price to buy it. Auction time is always limited

  • If the auction wins but for some reason you do not make a purchase, it is up to the Auctioneer to ask for a deposit to participate in the auction. If a deposit is required, the winning bidder loses the deposit and the second bidder has the right to buy at the price they bid.

  • When the auction ends, the auction winner will trade with the buyer according to the information the seller posted when the auction was sold.