Free Psychic Readings – Is There a Catch? (Don’t Be Surprised If This …

Or is there a catch, right?

It should be no great surprise that lots of people are interested in getting a free psychic reading. As a matter of fact, “free” is one of the most shared qualifiers people use when searching for psychics online..:-) The truth is, as a consequence, more and more psychic sets, networks, and individual intuitive’s have begun to advertise themselves as free……simply to capture the attention of as a many of these folks as possible.

But the question is……if you are serious about getting a reading, are they worth calling? And is there a catch? AND….if so, what is it?

Here is my honest opinion, gleaned over 2 decades of psychic readings, writing and research….both personally and professionally. There are very few clairvoyants who offer complimentary readings on a specialized basis.

The exceptions are usually in the following scenarios:

If you are in law enforcement, you can certainly get lots of free offers for help.

And if you join a grief counseling group, or a local paranormal meet up that has lots of quality clairvoyants, mediums and psychics in the membership, you’ll find that you’ll end up getting free readings, in addition. (but that’s a function of FRIENDSHIP, and not for promotional purposes!)

The straight scoop on FREE readings, especially online is this:

By and large they are not worth it. More often than not, it’s simply a way to get you to call, and you can expect an up-sell, or some sort of scripted free reading followed by an offer for a more detailed, expensive one. There are a few notable exceptions – Psychic Access has a 6 minute free reading without strings that I’ve used and enjoyed, and have recommended to others with confidence. But in general, the old adage about getting what you pay for is alive and well in the psychic reading market.

My best advice?

Set aside a small budget – 10 or 20 dollars. Take advantage of some of the great rates offered for first time callers and clients, and you’ll find readings AMAZINGLY good that aren’t free…..but are pretty darn close!

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