Ghostly International announces new record label parent company All Fl…

Ghostly International announces new record label parent company All Fl…

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Nigil Mack, Alexandra Berenson, and Sam Valenti IV of the newly formed All Flowers Group.

After merging in 2020, record labels Ghostly International and Secretly have announced a new parent company.

The newly formed All Flowers Group also includes the New York City-based culture brand drink sum wtr. The hip-hop-focused label is helmed by Nigil Mack, who before worked in A&R at Motown, where he signed Kid Cudi.

drink sum wtr announced Queens, New York rapper consider Spencer as its first signing. The label will also set afloat a singles series with rapper Shelley FKA DRAM in June, followed by rising artists Sol Galeano and Wahid.

Mack is joined by Alexandra Berenson as All Flowers Group’s senior director of A&R, marketing director Kate Ebeling, Chloé van Bergen as VP of operations (Europe), and Kraegan Graves as VP of operations (Americas).

Sam Valenti IV, who established Ghostly International in 1999 in his dorm room in Ann Arbor, will now also serve as All Flowers Group’s co-founder, co-CEO, and chief creative officer.

“The ‘same soil, water, and sun’ approach we conceived for Ghostly when partnering with Secretly has already led to some of our most beloved signings and a true sense of international connection,” Valentine’s said in a statement. “This new chapter will add to our collective voice and help us encourage new and visionary leadership, which Nigil, Alex, and Kate exemplify.”

“I’m very excited about the journey that I’m about to take with this new venture,” Mack said in a statement. “Working with a like-minded team of industry seasoned professionals who are all unified in making artist development the chief focus of drink sum wtr, the artist’s vision will always be the priority. Never at drink sum wtr will we chase trends and algorithms. We’d rather chase legacy.”

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