Green Energy supplies – How To Get Cheap Electricity Using A New Altern…

Do you know how to cut your monthly energy bills by up to 80% and meanwhile stop the reliance on big companies to provide electric energy, by producing your own cheap electricity right at your home? The problem with today’s energy situation is, that the need for energy is growing exponentially, as is the population of the world. The resources needed to generate this energy however are being decimated at a very rapid speed though.

Relying on these outdated method of energy production would consequently be a fatal mistake.

So what is the solution? Well, you know it. different energy systems of course. Wind strength and solar/photovoltaic energy generators have truly become rather popular these days!

But what is the problem with these green energy supplies? They are simply too expensive! Who can provide those huge up-front investments needed to install a few solar panels on their roofs?

Furthermore, these different energy systems depend completely on the weather situation. If it’s a cloudy day without any wind, which can be quite often, depending on where you live, these green energy supplies will not produce ANY energy for you!

Okay, so what is the solution? What is this different energy system that can produce cheap electricity right at your home?

It’s the so-called magnetic generator. This technique has been discovered by none other than the famous Nicola Tesla, a hundred years ago already!
How this helps you in producing your own electricity, is that you will be able to implement the Generator at your home and it will, independent from the weather, produce electrical energy. To do this, it utilises multiple sets of long-lasting magnets and the basic rule of an electric generator to transform mechanical energy into electrical energy.

The rotator produces mechanical energy by rotating and then transmits it to the set of magnets. The magnets consequently are moving in relation to a metallic loop that is also implemented in the generator. by the continued movement, an electrical voltage is induced into the metallic loop. This voltage can then be used to load a car battery for example.

This is how to use this different energy system to generate cheap electricity, because once the generator has reached a certain number of rotations per minute, it is able to retain this rotation without any further input, while nevertheless producing energy, consequently reducing the cost of energy production to a minimum.

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