High Calorie Nutrition Part 6


This is article six, our final article in a short series which thoroughly discusses high calorie foods and nutrition. The aim is to uncover the most nutritionally thick foods and the easiest ways of getting them into the body. The focus is maintenance of body weight during illness or medical treatment but the information can apply to anyone needing a nutritionally thick diet. Please observe that we are not doctors or medically trained. The information in this article has been attained from personal experience as a carer and from discussions with doctors and nutritionists.

Sample meals

The following are simple high calorie meals that are easy to prepare. During the day you could have three meals like this and two or three snacks in between. We have lots more recipes on the website.

Breakfast: Peanut butter on toast with fruit

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Cooking time: N/A

elements: 2 * slices of whole meal bread. Peanut butter, fruit.

Recipe: Toast the bread, apply the peanut butter.

Lunch: Avocado open sandwich on toast

The avocado is a bright fruit with high calories and some protein.

Preparation time: 3 minutes

Cooking time: 3 minutes

elements: Two slices bread, one avocado, and a little lime juice.

Recipe: Toast the bread. Peel and stone the avocado. Coarsely slice it and in a small bowl grind it down with a squeeze of lime juice, sea salt and mayo. Don’t try and form a purée, this should nevertheless be course and chunky.

Variations: clearly you can use any bread for this – it goes very well with bagels.

Notes: Avocado flesh goes brown very quickly when exposed to air. Unused avocado should be splashed with lime or lemon juice and covered in cling film.

Dinner: Pork pesto and pasta

Very straightforward, packed with nutrition and nevertheless quick and simple to prepare.

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Cooking time: 15 minutes

elements: Two boneless pork loin steaks, pasta, spinach, pesto.

Recipe: Get pasta cooking according to instructions on the packet (typically about ten minutes in boiling water). While the pasta is cooking gently fry the pork. Once it’s cooked by add a generous teaspoon of pesto and a handful of spinach and stir till the spinach is wilted and everything is coated with the pesto. To serve, simply spoon over the drained pasta.

Variations: A pork chop works just in addition, it just takes a little more cooking. Gnocchi are already easier than pasta to prepare.

Sample list of high calorie foods

There are lots of high calorie foods, but the following list are our favourites based on calorie density and ease of preparation.

Corned beef
Tinned potatoes
Frozen mashed potatoes
Dried fruit (mango slices are especially good)
Peanut butter
Oily fish (mackerel etc.)
Cheese (observe: This should be pasteurized for any one immune suppressed)
complete fat milk


High calorie nutrition in today’s low fat obsessed world can be more difficult to unprotected to than you would initially expect. However, using the information given to you in this series of articles and at our website can make a world of difference. Remember to eat little and often and experiment to find the high energy foods that work for at all event circumstance you are dealing with.

Good luck!

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