HOUSTON ASTROWORLD FESTIVAL: Denver dad and son safe after attending m…

HOUSTON (KDVR) — A Denver dad and son are safe after attending Astroworld music festival in Houston on Friday.

Jesse Dahl and his son Chirsitano Nichols took off on the 9-year-old’s first-ever plane ride Friday on a trip to their first big concert together.

While waiting in line for merchandise, the two said they noticed crowds jumping over barricades and breaking into the festival.

“I didn’t feel comfortable and if I don’t, I’m definitely not putting him in that situation,” Dahl said.

Dahl got him and his son into a VIP area, away from the big crowd, but the chaos unfolded before them.

“We saw one guy that was laying on the ground and they were giving him compressions for 30 minutes and they couldn’t get medical to him,” Dahl said. “They were trying to get people out by crowd surfing them because medical couldn’t get in there so they were literally taking motionless people and just like crowd surfing them. It was pretty intense.”

Grateful to be out of harm’s way, this dad and son can’t help but feel sad, especially hearing one of the injured was a year older than Nichols. 

“I feel really bad for the 10-year-old that got trampled because I truly met him in the merch line and he just became my friend that day,” Nichols said.

“It was senseless, it didn’t need to happen if people stay calm,” Dahl said.

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