How Much Square Footage Do I Need for My Office Space?

Whether your business has outgrown its current location or you’re a new enterprise in need of space, a Minnesota construction company specializing in commercial building space will know the precise dimensions you’ll need, depending on the kind of business you function. If your company is large, but many of your workers telecommute or work part-time, space may not be at a premium. However, companies whose workers use the majority of their time in the office should design a space that is accommodating and comfortable.

A business with many employees may require a building with multiple floors, but generally a mid-sized business should calculate for about 175 to 250 square feet for each employee. Minnesota general contracting firms can assist with such design requirements. They can also renovate existing spaces and already make adjustments for special executive suites if you require them. Also keep in mind that you’ll need to calculate space for desks, filing cabinets, computers, chairs and other office furniture and equipment.

When constructing your new office, your Minnesota construction company will likely suggest to set aside room for your employee’s break room. Some employers may overlook the break room as a non-basic for the office, but it’s truly an integral part of your employee’s experience in the office. A break room should be large enough to adjust to a few employees at a time, and should include a few tables and chairs, coffee stop, refrigerator, microwave and, if possible, vending machines.

Your new office should dedicate a certain amount of space for client reception areas in addition. already if you don’t meet with clients regularly, it is important to have proper facilities for those scarce occasions. Typically, a waiting area or lobby will be about 200 square feet. Your Minnesota general contracting consultant may suggest a larger square footage, depending on your company’s needs.

Corridors and hallways in the office should be of standard dimensions, depending on the local building code requirements. Typically, a hallway will be between 36 and 50 inches.

Bathrooms are another area that your Minnesota construction company will estimate when building your office space. According to standards set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, an office with five or more employees is required to have separate bathroom facilities for men and women. Business with one to 15 employees must have at the minimum one toilet in each restroom, and larger offices are required to have up to six toilets per bathroom. In buildings open to the public, at the minimum one bathroom stall must be handicap-easy to reach.

Meeting space is another must-have for your new office building. Your meeting facility should be large enough to keep up a conference table, several chairs, projector equipment, a white board and water cooler. This would come to about 30 square feet per person.

Finding a Minnesota general contracting company that is experienced and specializes in commercial construction is not a difficult task. Begin taking steps today to ensure your business enjoys the right kind of office for years to come.

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