How To Create Your Own Fixed Term Membership Program

Creating a high priced product can be difficult especially for beginners. Instead you can create a fixed membership program which will bring you a recurring income.

What Is A Fixed Term Membership Program?

This is a product that provides some form of training or content on a regular basis for a fixed period of time.

For example, the fixed time frame could be 4 weeks or 4 months. It doesn’t really matter although the longer your program the more material you will need!

A 4 Month Program Example

In this example you would need 4 lots of content to be delivered once every month. (You could have a bi-monthly program in which case you would need 2 lots of content each month). The content could be audio, video or written but you need to choose a format that will make the learning easier for your customer.

Audio is great for both you and your customer. It doesn’t take long for you create and your customer gets a better level of understanding by listening to your information or training.

It is also a good idea to include some PDF guides or check sheets to join your program but it is not necessary.

What Content?

Make sure that your program is applicable to your target audience and subscribers. You could choose 4 steps or 4 ways to enhance something that your audience would assistance from.

How To Deliver It

To set this up really quickly don’t bother creating a membership site. All you need to do is to send out your weekly content via auto responder.

Upload the content to your hosting account and then create an email to go out each month with a link to that months particular training material.

How Do People Sign Up?

clearly you will need to write a sales letter letting people know about your program, what they will learn, why it will assistance them, the results they will unprotected to and the details about how they will receive the course.

Then have a link to a subscription button where they will be billed each month.

Receiving Payment

In our example you would charge a certain amount each month for the duration of the program. Paypal is an easy system to use as it allows you to set up recurring billing.

Receiving The Content

Make sure that when someone signs up to your program, you collect their email address. If you don’t have this information then they will not be able to receive the monthly content.

This can be set up in your autoresponder account so that when someone signs up the content goes out on autopilot.

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