How to Hang Canvas Wall Arts Properly; A Simple Guide

Canvas wall arts are highly lasting, and they exist in different forms. It is easier to be creative with the several obtainable designs and create a meaningful design. Some pieces of art, graphics, or printed words, will create amazing content. You can also select from the numerous choices obtainable online.

After successfully getting your preferred canvas wall art, how then do you place it? This plays a large role in the canvas’s durability and its effect on the room. Hence, read by the guide below for simple techniques you can follow.

1. Use Proper Wall Space

Measure the wall to place the artwork to get the right dimensions. Usually, wall arts should cover about 50-75% of the wall space. 3-5 inches is adequate for rooms between framed and framed wall arts. The wall size and number of wall arts you are placing should also determine the spacing between them.

2. Compose the Wall Arts in the Right Position

You need materials like masking tape to locate the areas to hang your wall art. Usually, large frames should be in the middle, while the smaller ones look better at the sides.

3. Use the Right Placement

Place the canvas wall arts properly, such that they fall at the center of the eye level. The visual aspect of interior decor is important, and it must be as alluring as possible.

Measure the wall art inches, and add 57″ to determine its distance from the floor. Fifty-seven inches is the standard measurement for museums, and it defines the eye level of an average person. More so, divide the art height to get the midpoint.

Tools to Hang Your Canvas Wall Arts Properly

Having known the techniques to use, you should take other functional steps, including some nailing tools.

  1. Nails: Broadhead’s nails are not the best options for hanging your wall arts. Although it is the fastest method, you only need a hammer; the canvas will not hang firmly on the wall. More so, any slight external movement will cause the object to fall, damaging your beautiful canvas.
  2. Adhesives: Adhesive stripes are one of the easiest and flexible tools obtainable. However, it does not sustain heavy-weight objects, as you may not get it to stick to the wall. The beautiful thing about it is that you can easily move the canvas about, with the Velcro attached to it. Hence, it is not a long-lasting attachment. You can already customize your canvas print by learning the different creativity present online.
  3. Hooks: Hooks are better than plain nails, and you can either use the eye hooks or J-hooks. This involves screwing the clip to a wooden frame with the use of a wire. More so, confirm that the hook can pass by the frame thickness. however, J-hooks works best for large canvases and supports the nail preference for the wall. Ensure your measurements are right, so your canvas does not end up in a crooked position.
  4. Sawtooth Brackets: They are also another different to using bare nails to hang your canvas. Place the brackets at the middle, and attach the pins at the edges.

Final Thoughts

Another strategy for achieving a great consequence is arranging them on the floor, so you would not need to replace the nails frequently. This also reduces the likelihood of experiencing use and tear. You can beautifully characterize your wall by arranging posters, photographs, and frame wall arts together. The good thing about this is that you already have your gallery wall characterize, and you can easily swap a picture with another.

Wall art decorations are not as costly as you may think, especially hanging materials. You can implement some DIY materials to unprotected to what you want perfectly.

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