How to Make International Calls From Your Computer for Free

Stay Connected to Family Back in India

Tech savvy Indian travelers prefer to stay connected to their friends, and family back in their homeland. Almost 42% prefer to use social networks to stay connected, and the rest prefer to call directly on mobile phones.

Global survey conducted by a travel agency discloses that from a group of 1000 Indian travelers, almost 65% prefer to talk instead of communicating over social networking websites. They prefer to have real time human contact instead of leaving messages on social profiles. 1% of the group preferred to have no contact with their social circles when they are on a holiday tour. International call rates have been an issue for such people who have been traveling on a limited budget. There are those whose living depends on traveling around the world itself. Such business professionals are the kind of people who are looking for new opportunities in untapped markets.

Easy Pin-Less Calls

This is a pin-less call service that eliminates a chief security issue. In the past, people have to change their pin number regularly so that their account is not misused by anyone. Hence, this is an additional characterize that makes things much easier for the user. International numbers can be kept on speed dial to make calls immediately any time of the day. Users can make international conference calls without worrying about their budget at the end of the month.

Connect With Skype

Another amazing assistance of this VoIP system is connecting with Skype. Use the amazing assistance of the call rates by this system, and merge it with the call list and it is much cheaper than Skype out Service. This is a great way to have access to a lower priced call service.

Bidirectional International Call Service

They need to have a connection that can be used to create conference calls with their business partners around the world. An affordable connection can give such people the opportunity to stay connected for long durations of time. This is the main reason that sets like Telcan have come to the rescue. This is a bidirectional call service that can be accessed by a downloadable VoIP App on their iPhones, iPads, and Android phones. The call rate is as low as 0.13 cent a minute that can be used to make calls from UK to India. This is a powerful system that gives affordable call rates to their customers.

Recharge System

Auto-Recharge – assistance from the auto-recharge system that will keep you connected at all times.

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