How to See the Lotto Winning Numbers With Creative Visualization

One of the great advantages of meditation with creative visualization is that it improves and gives bouquet to your intuition. The more you practice it, the more you penetrate into every aspect of your life. It can relate to the past, the present or the future events and situations. But the penetration into future event like an outcome of lotto game, can be mentally provoked in four ways.

1}–At the beginning. When you first start to visualize the future lotto drawing, your predictions will be less precise. After continued practice, they will become more accurate and this moment will be the most pleasant moment for you. At the beginning you have some barriers because your mental images will be influenced by memories, mental noise and a without of self-esteem. Remember that you have a perfect sense of intuition that just is awaiting to be developed.

2}–Imagination. Here I do not refer to the instinctive imagination because it creates images on its own. I refer to true impressions of a future outcome in lotto game that can arrive when you are in a thorough meditative state of mind. The lotto numbers have not a emotional energy and that is why they insert quickly in your imagination and they have to be examined carefully and fast.

3}–Viewing the future lotto outcome. If you want that scenario to manifest, it is okay. But if you do not, you can change it by imagining that scenario that you want. In this kind you can influence the outcome in reality.

4}–The lotto next draw is not fixed. The combination of lotto numbers that will be drawn next time, is only one of a great collection of millions combinations in possible. You can influence that combination of numbers that has more energy than others.

While you practice this skill, it will be a good idea to write down all what you do, realize, observe, think and feel. The best predictions you will get when you will be in a thorough meditative state of mind. That is why their memory dissipates quickly, just as the memory of your dreams and for that is necessary to write down quickly in the moment in which you see your impressions. It will be okay if you will use some signs, lines or other sign, just for fast registration of your impressions. Remember the more you will practice, the more your intuition will enhance and also your predictions.

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