How to Update the Firmware and Factory Reset Your Adtran MX-2800

Updating the firmware on your MX-2800 ensures you are using the latest, most stable version of the multiplexer possible. Adtran releases firmware updates for free and are definitely worth the time to upgrade your network. The firmware for the multiplexer can be downloaded directly from Adtran’s website.

Before we continue, you following is required in order to complete this course of action.

• A populated MX2800 Chassis (1200290L1)

• A DB9 to RJ-45 serial cable for consoling into the MX-2800

• A network switch to connect both your MX-2800 chassis and your PC to the same network.

• A TFTP Program for transferring the.bin file from your PC to the multiplexer. We use SolarWinds TFTP as it is both free and easy to navigate.

• A program to console into the multiplexer and send commands to it. We use PuTTY because of its versatility

Start by running the serial cable from your computer’s COM port to the multiplexer’s console port. Connect your MX-2800’s LAN port to the network switch you are using. The PC should also be connected to the same switch.

Move the.bin file you downloaded from Adtran (in our example this is 1205288L1a_342a_1f5f.bin) to your TFTP-Root folder and make sure that your TFTP-server is up and running. Also take this time to find out your computer’s IP address. You will need this information in addition when transferring the firmware update to your multiplexer.

Once you have that information and your TFTP server is running, you’ll want to set afloat PuTTY. Select connection kind ‘Serial’ and specify a Baud rate of 9600. Once you are in the console hit go into until you see a screen appear asking for your username and password. go into your username and password combination. If you do not know this, the default answers are written below:

Username? adtran

Password? adtran

Once logged into the multiplexer, you’ll want to go into 3 for configuration. Hit ‘go into’ to proceed to the configuration page. Here you’ll want to hit 3 again to get system management. You’ll want to go into an IP address and Gateway IP Address for your MX-2800. We set our IP address to and the Gateway address to but you will want to set these values to in any case is appropriate for your network.

In order to go into the IP address, select 1 and then punch in the IP address you’re using. The same is done for the Gateway address by selecting the option 2. Once you have inputted your code, back out t othe configuration page by pressing the ESC meaningful.

Now select option 4 (Utilities) from the Configuration menu to go into the System Utilities screen. Here you will see the two system controller cards loaded in your system. We will want to update these mx-2800 system controller cards to version 3.42A.

To start, press 2 for ‘Update FLASH Software’ and press 2 again for ‘Update via TFTP server.’ go into your PC’s IP address and kind in the server file name of the.bin file you wish to move from. Once these values are correct go into 3 to being the move.

**Warning** Do not disconnect the MX2800 at all during this course of action. Any sudden strength loss or change in state can cause irreparable damage.

Once you are finished head back to the ‘System Utilities.’ You’ll now want to load default settings by using option 1. This will take you to the ‘Load default settings’ screen. Select option 3 to reset your multiplexer back to default. Confirm by entering 1. Once this is done, back out by pressing ESC twice.

You will know you are done when both cards installed are set to code version 3.42A. One of the cards may not be displaying correctly. This can take a few minutes to update, so be patient. Once both cards characterize correctly you will know you are finished! Feel free to strength down the system or begin again using the system as you were before.

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