How to Win My Ex Back by New Year’s Eve – Use These Super Effective Techniques Well!

How to Win My Ex Back by New Year’s Eve – Use These Super Effective Techniques Well!

Hey! I don’t think your Christmas is going that well. You are nevertheless missing your ex and want to win them back, don’t you? I was in your shoes last year. I thought about it this Christmas eve. I got back my girl and we are deeply in love. So I decided to write this article out so that I can help people like you win your ex back by New Year’s Eve.

If you follow all the techniques outlined in this article, you have 90% chance of winning your ex back by New Year’s Eve and a 99% chance of winning your ex back in a month from now. The remaining one percent is on your shoulders. It depends on how badly you want them back? Are you committed to listen to my techniques and recommendations? If you take action on my recommendations, you are guaranteed to win your ex back. I pray that you do win your ex back.

Step #1 – Getting Them to Call You

This step is for those whose ex has been ignoring them for a while. If your ex is ignoring you and not answering your calls, use this trick. Send a well-thought message to them. You can either send a message or leave a voicemail. It’s your choice. But make sure that your voice is perfect and you don’t get emotional half-way by. Getting emotional will screw things up.

Your message must cause curiosity and self-interest in your ex. When you try to hide something people become more disinctive to know about it. Humans can’t resist secrets. So use the rule of curiosity to your advantage.

Your message should talk about a secret that involves your ex. don’t show the secret however. Get ’em to struggle!

Here’s an example of a message you must not send:

“Hi, {Name}. It’s me. Merry Christmas! Call me I want to talk to you about something important”

You’ll never get a return call if you send a message like that.

Here’s an example of a message that triggers curiosity and self-interest:

“Hi, {Name}. It’s me. Merry Christmas! I wanted to let you know I appreciate what you did for me. Call me because I want to thank you in person.”

Your ex will call you up within a few minutes. It works one hundred percent of the time. So be prepared for the call.

Step #2 Emotional Detachment

Emotional Detachment is very important if you seek success. Emotions have the strength to supercharge you or make you nervous. If your heart is filled with positive emotions like hope, happiness, courage, love, faith, etc everything will go right for you. Things will go right already if you make mistakes.

Unfortunately, we are humans. We don’t control our own emotions. We may control space ships, animals, etc but we don’t have much control over our own emotions. Doubts are in place. Doubts can come in the way and cause a lot of anxiety. That anxiety can wreck your plans.

That’s why you have to detach yourself emotionally from the outcome. Emotional detachment method two different things.

“In the first meaning, it refers to an inability to connect with others emotionally, in addition as a method of dealing with anxiety by preventing certain situations that cause it; it is often described as “emotional numbing” or dissociation.” – Wikipedia

“In the second sense, it is a kind of mental assertiveness that allows people to continue their boundaries and psychic integrity when faced with the emotional demands of another person or group of persons. These senses are within the framework of psychology and academia, not those of everyone else in the world.” – Wikipedia

I meant the second one. You have your own interests. Your behavior and actions must be followed to protect your own interests. There are four types of behaviors:

  • Win-Win Behavior
  • Win-Lose Behavior
  • Lose-Win Behavior
  • Lose-Lose Behavior

Win-Win Behavior – The most courageous people are the ones with this behavioral pattern. You must adapt yourself to this behavioral pattern if you want to live a life filled with happiness and joy.

Both of you must win. But first you must win. Help yourself so that you can help others. Your ex wouldn’t have broken up with you if you had this behavioral pattern. This behavior is the coolest. Abraham Lincoln is the ideal example for this behavior.

Win-Lose Behavior – This is a behavioral pattern alternation by people who have a lot of anxiety. Examples of people with this behavior are obtainable throughout history. Take a look at Hitler, Mussolini, etc. This behavioral pattern leads to unsuccessful relationships.

Lose-Win Behavior – This is called self-sacrificing a.k.a Sacrificing yourself for the sake of others. Martyrs are an example for this kind of behavior. Your ex could have broken up with you if you had this behavioral pattern.

Lose-Lose Behavior – Jihadi terrorists and suicide bombers are an example for this.

Develop a Win-Win Behavioral pattern. Mental assertiveness is not to be confused with being willfully cold or unpleasant, because it is a positive mental attitude (Win-Win behavioral pattern).

Step #3 Be Mature

It’s time to grow up. Take up some responsibility. Your partner wouldn’t have left you without a concrete reason. Find out why they left you? It takes around twenty minutes to analyze it. Write down all the problems.

If you had made some mistakes, tell them that you are sorry (just once, not more than once!). Accept your mistakes and solve them. Create an action plan to solve those problems.

Step #4 Mother Yourself

Don’t criticize yourself for any reason. You are thorough and high on the inside. You are truly wonderful. You love your ex and decided to get help. Most people never do that thing. It tells me how great you are on the inside. Believe me, only a few in this world will already choose to get help to have their love problems fixed. They all have a lot of ego.

Tell yourself beautiful things. Write down a list of affirmations and repeatedly tell yourself the affirmations. Make sure you eat good food. Don’t lock yourself in a room as punishment. Tonight, go out to the bar and hang out with your friends. Have a few good conversations with the people you see in the bar.

Step #5 Grow

“Commit to CAN! – continued and Never Ending Improvement” – Anthony Robbins. It’s time for some introspection. Figure out where you stand in your life.

  • If you are overweight – lose it.
  • If you are skinny – build muscle.
  • Get a new degree
  • Get a raise

Set goals, create plans and follow those plans. I recommend you read Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow high. It is a Truly life-transforming book that will help you unprotected to anything you want in life.

Do things to enhance your personality. If you aren’t good at humor, read Comedy Writing Secrets.

Step #6 Connect With Your Ex

If you want to win your ex back, you have to connect with your ex. Connect with them and let them know that you truly care about their life. Ask them:

How’s your life going on?

What do they enjoy the most doing? (Soon after they answer, ask them why aren’t they doing it?)

What are your future plans?

Talk about your life too. Talk about your plans, the things you did, the changes you’ve made.

Get closer to your ex and develop the mutual trust and respect. Call them up on day three and invite them to a party on New Year’s Eve. Invite their friends too. Call your friends and great number a party. Otherwise ask a friend of yours to great number the party. Tell your ex that your friend wants them to come. They’ll oblige.

Step #7 Amplify allurement and Sexual Tension

During the party, dance with one of your ex’s friends. Dance with someone else and let them be alone for a while. They are sure to get damn jealous. When they are looking at you, ignore them for a while. And then all of a sudden, walk up to them and start a conversation. It should all happen all of a sudden i.e. accidentally. Your ex must feel that it happened accidentally. Serendipity is so romantic!

closest, leave them for a while. Come back and make them dance with you. Don’t request them for a dance. Pull them and start dancing. Both of you will be making out soon. And that is how you can get your ex back by New Year’s Eve. The plan has been revealed to you. During your journey, watch these movies and learn something from them. Here are the movies you should watch:

  • The Secret by Rhonda Byrne (Download it online. There’s no time to hire it)
  • Fight Club (If you are a man. Observe Tyler Durden)
  • Count of Monte Cristo (If you are man. Observe how the character Edmond Dantes becomes the Count Monte Cristo)

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