Introduction to Mesothelioma Disease

Introduction to Mesothelioma Disease

In this article, I want to give you a fleeting introduction to mesothelioma disease. Mesothelioma is a kind of cancer that can be malignant or benign, the malignant kind is very dangerous kind and may be deadly in most situations. Scientists can classify the types of mesothelioma cancer according to the place of the tumors as following.

Pleural kind – In this kind the tumors will be developed in Pleura. The Pleura is the most outer membrane surrounds the lungs and has protections roles. Pleural kind is the most famous kind and the most situations are diagnosed as Pleural mesothelioma.

Peritoneal kind – In this case the tumors will be developed in the Peritoneum. The Peritoneum is the outer membrane that surrounds the internal organs of the abdomen and has protection and movement roles. It is less shared kind but it is more dangerous that the Pleural kind. Pericardial kind – In this case the tumors will be developed in the Pericardium or is the outer sac that includes heart and its great arteries.

Returning to the introduction to mesothelioma disease, I want to talk about The treatment option. The main options is the surgery to remove the tumor and the tissues surround it. The surgery will be effective especially when they use the second option with it, I’m talking about the chemotherapy option which will be very good assistant treatment.

The third option is the radiotherapy, doctors will be having to use some radiations to kill the remaining cancer cells after the surgery. Doctors can use the all three option to make a strong treatment plan to destroy the cancer cells.

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