iPhone Radar Detector App

A phone radar detector app works differently than a traditional radar detector. The phone doesn’t truly detect a signal like the old fashioned detectors do. It does something already better. The iPhone radar detector app receives information from all of the other drivers travelling the roads, highways and interstates of America. Anyone familiar with social networking understands what a great asset this can be. Information can be immediately accessed If you already own an iPhone, you can easily use it to avoid speeding tickets by downloading a simple iPhone radar detector app. The days of traditional radar trap detectors has come and gone. Fortunately we have a new technology to use against the enhanced technology used by police.

Shared among millions of people.

Here’s how it works. You install the iPhone detector app. As you excursion down the road, you encounter a police speed camera setup along the side of the road. You use the app to go into the information. It immediately uploads to the network and anyone else with the app receives the update as they approach the area. The app can already move the data to your GPS unit to give you a visual representation of the problem areas. Now let’s look at it from the other side. You are driving along the interstate at a comfortable 70 mph. Unfortunately the speed limit is 65 mph. As you approach a roadside speed trap camera, you receive an alert and know to slow it down a little. Another driver had passed the camera a few hours earlier and entered the data. This probably just saved you a associate hundred dollars.

The iPhone radar detector app is simply the natural progression of technology. The police get better equipment and consequently the public also must upgrade their technology. The iPhone police radar detector app is the best technology obtainable today. Besides alerting you to speed traps, cameras, DUI checkpoints and other enforcement measures, the network can also be used to give updates about other road hazards. Construction, wrecks, harsh weather and other problems can be immediately transmitted over the network, making your trip less problematic.

Speed traps have always been the scourge of drivers. But these days technology and state and local budget shortfalls have increased the number of these measures. Governments need money and using speeding citations to generate it seems like a good idea. If you aren’t overly excited about contributing to the mess made by politicians, then consider the iPhone radar detector app.

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