Is a Ceramic Water Crock Better Than a Water Cooler?

Is a Ceramic Water Crock Better Than a Water Cooler?

When it comes to buying a water dispenser for your home, office, or cottage. You want to ensure you buy something that will last a long time, keep your water cold and crisp, and not add any unwanted flavors or odors. These points are often overlooked, as most people will simply buy a cheap water cooler without knowing that there are other options out there.

One option is a ceramic water crock. A crock is made of ceramic material, and works a lot like a cooler, but with some noticeable advantages.

No unwanted flavor – plastic water coolers often add that weird plastic taste to your water for quite some time. With that plastic flavor you may also surprise if unwanted chemicals and toxins are slowly seeping into the water you drink. A water crock will never add any flavor or chemicals to your water.

No electricity – a water cooler is regularly sucking up electricity to keep your water cold. This is a strain on the strength grid, and on your wallet! To save electricity and money you should consider a ceramic water dispenser, the ceramic has a natural cooling effect on your water, so your water will stay cool without using electricity.

Better for the ecosystem – a water cooler not only regularly uses electricity, but also is made thoroughly of plastic. Everyone knows that plastic is bad for the ecosystem for a number of reasons, but perhaps already worse for the ecosystem is the chemicals used. A water cooler uses chemicals to keep the water cold, just like a fridge does, when you dispose of your cooler those chemicals will be released into the air, harming the ozone. A ceramic crock does not use any chemicals, and is 100% natural

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