Jennifer Aniston – Psychic Reading – Could This Help You?

Jennifer Aniston – Psychic Reading – Could This Help You?

I Ching (Psychic – see below)

(This article was written in September 2007)

First, I threw coins to do a general I Ching for Jennifer Aniston, see what it advises her to do right now.

15: Humbling: Cut by pride and complications, keep close to basic things; be simple; think and speak of yourself humbly.

– x –

– x – Field

– x –



– x – Bound

– x –

The trigram has 5 change lines! This method she needs to make a lot of changes before she can become what the I Ching indicates, i.e. humble.

(From the reports I’ve read on her, she’s a real nice lady, but humbling can happen on many levels.)

Inside is ‘bound, the mountain’, which method be firm inside, strong but put a limit on things (don’t do too much), and outside is ‘field, yielding’, which method be flexible/go with the flow in outer affairs.

The text says: “Voluntarily take the lower position. This will bring success. In this way you free yourself and can use your opponent’s strength against them. Be nimble and alert. Balance things and carefully correct any excess.”

The deeper text says: “Humility is possession without dwelling on it. Inwardly firm, while outwardly flexible. Mixing with the ordinary world inconspicuously, using strength with clarity, so that strength is not used without any order. Unless one’s maturity is thorough and high, one cannot do this. (She does tend to lavish friends with gifts and expensive holidays.) The mountain is where one ‘kills’ the self (to become selfless). Those who have not however ‘died’, first learn to die. When one is able to nurture and submit, one governs oneself with strictness and responds to others with openness; the mind becomes increasingly humble, while the way becomes increasingly lofty – outwardly one is lacking, inwardly one has more than enough.”

The change lines say:

1: To flexibly lower oneself

2: Flexibility following the strong

4: Extend humility to the utmost in all situations

5: generate others to be humble, those close and strangers/opponents. Be noble and act with an open heart.

6: In a high position, unable to lower oneself. Must do that first to help others.

It’s interesting and it does kind of make sense, that she’s in a very high position (career-wise and income-wise) and maybe is expecting too much right now or cannot let go of being ‘high up’. She needs to lower herself, her expectations, her outer activities perhaps, in order to progress, to move forward. If she can be flexible about what comes into her life now, she is more likely to take what comes and grow.

The change lines suggest that she needs to do this on every level, and then to help others do the same (by voluntary work maybe?). Although she is in a high position, she may not be feeling very strong. So, at the moment, she needs to flexibly ‘follow the strong’. It must be tough splitting from Brad Pitt and him having children with Angelina Jolie (although it is said she wishes them well). It’s nevertheless a big thing wrench and thing to conquer, I imagine.

Maybe she needs to lower her sights on various different levels.

Intrigued, I did a psychic look at the situation in addition. This is what I got.

O – O – O – O – O – O – O – O – O

Jennifer Aniston – Psychic reading

I see her looking at babies and I read on the Internet she is looking to adopt a baby. Maybe that is where the humbling needs to come in. I see that having a baby will stop her being able to do some of her creative projects, i.e. those taking up most time and effort. She needs to stick at any that she is currently doing though, and not let it stop her. She has to become ‘mum’ now and not to stop herself from being creative in her daily life.

I see her resting up and getting fat. And that she is trying to be superwoman. Also that she is looking for her superman. (Perhaps this is an area where humbling is needed too.)

She needs to change from being angry to being tough, using the anger to be firm inside, in order to move things forward in her life. (All Aquarians seem to be angry.) She needs to let the past go in stages, bit by bit.

She needs some give and take, and to roll over (is the image I saw), and let go of control to a certain extent. Also she could use letting go of being pretty, looking good while she is (metaphorically) trying to rock climb (Again, humbling).

Maybe somebody would get this message out to her… see what she thinks. She does have a higher mind, she thinks deeply about things (as most Aquarians do), and so she would no doubt give an insightful response.

More psychic insight…

Instead of putting her head in her hands and over-analyzing/worrying, she should burst forth like a crocus flower in spring, complete of vibrant energy and color, and zest for living.

I see her reading about fairies. And that this kind of activity will provide the ‘balance’ she needs. She should show both sides of herself. Not just the tough sassy side, but also the soft, unprotected, more feminine side. The image is that she has torn herself in half and discarded a whole side of herself. I see cooking/cake baking, for example, which could help with this.

She needs to give budgeting/finances a rest for a while and stop worrying about financial matters; get into some low level creative projects, e.g. making things for a child’s bedroom or toys to play with.

The splits and the muddles in her head: they need time to heal, and she needs to spoon-satisfy herself for a while. One spoonful at a time.

She could be more creative with her make-up, particularly her lipstick.

She could have a good clear out of old things that muddy the waters, make a clear fresh start. Turn it around. Shoes, to use lower heels. Creative cooking – with wind chimes and bead curtains. Being creative while doing the basics, the chores.

She could sell things to make money: I see a beautiful seahorse-shaped lamp, plus a decorating blow torch, which indicates getting rid of old décor.

She could stretch herself to make stuff using a computer – making soft toy designs perhaps?

She is pulling in opposite directions: or something is in opposition – cooking/getting the basics done vs high earning money projects perhaps.

She needs to relax herself/be herself and reside in a positive, spiritual frame of mind. Do some gardening. Get some massage after exercise.

So this psychic look at her proves what the I Ching was saying about humbling, and also clarifies things by pointing out the humbling is to do with her carrying out basic responsibilities/activities (cooking and personal creative projects) instead of the high level work, and all it entails, that she has been used to. (“Keep close to basic things”.)

Yes, I thought it rather strange that she needed humbling at first, because she doesn’t come across as arrogant or lofty in her views or ways, so this shows that humbling can refer to your activities, instead of your outlook or personality. Interesting!

O – O – O – O – O – O – O – O – O

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