Jewel Block question 2020 Unity Template

Jewel Block Puzzle 2020 Unity Template


Jewel Block question is a typical jewel style block question game.
Block question Jewel is not only a typical question block game,but a challenging jewel question game.
Block question Jewel is a fun question game for all adults and children. It is simple, but difficult to master.
Play this jewel block game to relax and aim your brain.You can play this jewel question block anytime and anywhere!

How to Play Jewel question Block Game?

* Tap the jewel blocks to fill square.

* Fill blocks in a vertical or horizontal line to clear jewel block.

* Eliminate more block jewel and score more points

* Jewel block can’t rotated.

Game Demo apk file :Jewel Block question

video Game Play :Video Jewel Block question


✔️ Easy to reskin

✔️ An easy way to Changing the stones is easy by just changing one image

✔️ sustain control for Android and IOS

✔️ sustain admob banner ads and interstital

✔️ sustain admob interstital ads

✔️ sustain google play sets

✔️ You do not need to add any plugin all the plugin is on the project

✔️ Unity 2019.x


✔️ Unity new version (2018.x,2019.x)


✔️Project have good documentation and you can contact us for solve your problem!

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