Kate Middleton: Princess or Style Diva?

Kate Middleton: Princess or Style Diva?

The would-be bride of Prince Williams, Kate Middleton, has already become a style diva. Within months of appearing on public scene, she has become darling of fact designers. Everything what she wears becomes style and raises interest in masses. Some insight into what has made her a style icon is presented here.

Her Black Coat dress from Libelula, Wrap dress from Brazilian label Issa and evening gowns are hit. Why she has managed to get so much limelight which was reserved for Michelle Obama till few months? Probably because the ease with which she supports anything she wears, including off-the rack material.

Some designers credit her style to her taste in well established fact brands. This essentially underscores the point that you have got to use few bucks to get noticed. Her black coat dress from Libelula managed to create big hoopla. This is because some designers were not comfortable with what future British queen is wearing. Nevertheless, she looked amazing and graceful in that outfit in addition.

Quite amusingly, she was recently spotted along with her mother while she was busy bargaining for her dresses. Some designers are particularly interested in her strategy after getting married. Too much is being said already about her comparison with Lady Diana, who happened to be paparazzi favorite before her tragic death.

And, sales of souvenirs of her engagement, such as t-shirts, dolls and already baseball caps, has picked up already. These items are in need, both at nearby shops and online stores.

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