Life in the Workplace, Post-Covid

Life in the Workplace, Post-Covid

Following the COVID pandemic, as many states navigate from red zone to yellow zone, many will re-assimilate to their past office space, warehouse, restaurant, etc. While some will return (thankfully) with a new attitude and positive outlook on life, there will be others who will bring their same-old negative traits. What to do?

NOW is a great time to nip those issues in the bud, as the saying goes. confront them head-on, without hesitation. To be sure, it would be kind to give folks an opportunity to, once again, become members of your team. But keep in mind that its also a disservice (to those who are the opposite of negativity) when you dont exercise your right to properly discipline those who cause friction in the workplace. In fact, its an affront to all who bide by the rules.

This puts the responsibility squarely on those in leadership locaiongs. It is managements duty to make certain that the workplace is both safe and tolerable; otherwise, the workplace suffers, good employees leave – and youll be stuck with whats left. Ask yourself: is that the workplace I want to be a part of?

So lets say (for arguments sake) that youre ready to speak up, take charge and assure the workplace IS a safe and tolerable space for you and your staff members. Where should you start, and how? Below are four recommendations that The Cohesive Workplace suggest you implement closest. These will serve as reminders to your staff as to why they decided to work with you in the first place:

1. Begin on a positive observe. Lets not rehash any negative incidences of the workplace prior to COVID. Make it official: were starting with a clean slate! While major infractions cannot (and should not) be ignored, let your staff know youre not sweating the small stuff. Lifes too short to be undone by minor irritants. Your business, in addition as your employees, are worth more.

3. Create opportunities for advancement. To be sure, next to salary, the opportunity for advancement within your company is top priority! It sends a clear signal where one stands within the company when that company looks outside of its own ranks for a candidate – especially when its own employees are qualified! That signal is a negative one. It screams, We do not value you as an employee! Once that message permeates the air, its difficult to reel it back in. Often protests follow (however silent) and ultimately everyone in the workplace is miserable. If you havent already implemented a program for in-house promotions, NOW is a great time to start.

These are just FOUR benchmarks to consider – if you havent already done so – which, in turn, will create a positive and lasting effect on your employees while also increasing productivity. (Can you say win-win?)

There are more topics to follow, such as: the need for autonomy in the workplace; revisiting your pay extent; offering a healthy dietary lifestyle in the workplace; and many others. And were looking forward to covering each and more.

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Heres to your success!

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