Magnificent Milan: An Ideal Destination for fact Student Tours

As one of Italy’s most beautiful and inspiring cities, a beacon of style for centuries, and a thriving modern fact center, Milan is an ideal destination for fact or textiles related student tours. Spending time here will give your pupils the chance to analyze some of the most exciting haute couture shopping districts in Europe, observe the world’s most cutting-edge design at one of the city’s many exhibitions and fact shows, and discover how fact and clothing have played an important role in culture throughout Italy’s history. It is worth timing a trip to coincide with a fact convention or show, but in spite of of the time of year here are some of the other treats your group could be in for on a trip to Milan.

Shopping in the fact Capital

Milan’s top-end shopping districts are works of art in themselves, and a definite highlight of fact-related student tours. The Quadrilatero d’Oro, or Golden Rectangle, is lined with graceful mansions built from the 17th-19th centuries and is an architectural gem in addition as home to some of Milan’s top couture outlets such as Versace and Armani. Also a must-visit is the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, a glass-vaulted double arcade located at the heart of the city, framing an octagonal central space topped with a dramatically glass dome – a surprise of design and construction. Containing some of the city’s oldest shops and selling some of its most elegant fashions, this is certainly a place to inspire. Stores here include Prada, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton.

fact further afield

Venturing beyond the high-end stores of this design-high city can be highly rewarding for those on student tours, as it allows pupils to see the varied that’s on offer. A visit to the canal-lined Navigli district yields independent fact boutiques, a vintage market where typical designs and rare materials can be hunted out, and plenty of character-filled cafés where ideas and inspirations can be swapped and discussed.

fact by history

Students of fact or textile design will be well-acquainted with the importance of their subjects in today’s culture. But as student tours can demonstrate, they have also been central to cultural and already political life by history – as many of Milan’s museums and galleries can give evidence to to. Taking a trip by the networked museums of the Castello Sforzesco provides many interesting glimpses into arts, culture and history in Milan – including dress and textiles. For those interested in costume design, meanwhile, the city’s famed opera house, the Teatro alla Scala, has a fascinating museum attached to it. The Museo Teatrale alla Scala collects items relating to Italian operatic and theatrical history, including an range of luxurious costumes from historic performances.

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