Make My Own Website – How to Choose a Good Web Hosting Company

Steps to choose a web great number

When attempting to build your first website sooner or later you will be faced with the dilemma of selecting a hosting company among the thousands obtainable on the net. In this article I will show you the main criteria you should be looking for when selecting a hosting company.

1. Don’t go with Free Web Hosting!

Although tempting for beginners, especially if you are on a tight budget, free web hosting can truly be unhealthy to your website.

Almost all web hosting companies will need the characterize of advertising on your web site. This could take the form of banners to be placed on your pages, window pop-ups or in some situations, a huge advertising frame will occupy a sizable chunk of your web page.

The problem with this is that it distracts visitors from the content of your website.

Many people hate when reading a web page to be suddenly distracted by a pop-up window and cannot stand having to work their way by endless advertising frames! Unfortunately, in many case, this results in visitors opting to quickly exit your website!

2. Choose a Big reputable company

Whilst I understand that price is always an important factor, whenever you buy web hosting, be sure to buy it from a trustworthy, large company. You certainly don’t want to buy it from some anonymous company because their prices are cheaper only to discover that they “shut down” not long after you’ve signed up. Once they close their business, unfortunately yours will close too!

3. Pay monthly and not yearly

Although paying yearly you will often get you a lower rate, unless you have been building websites for years and have complete faith in your web hosting company always opt for a monthly payment plan. That way you are not “tied down” and can easily switch to a new web great number if you are not happy with their sets

4. Easy to use Control Panel

basically the function of the control panel is to allow you to manage different aspects of your web account. From there you can do things like manage your email accounts, generate statistics, change passwords, add new domains, etc…. As you will be using it often, it is important that it is well designed and easy to use!

5. Good Technical sustain

24-hours-a-day customer Technical sustain is crucial. If something goes wrong with your website, you will want immediate assistance and not merely be directed to a voicemail!

Make sure that your great number will provide proper speedy sustain and is technically competent.

When your first tried to make your own website, you will quickly realise that aside from selecting a good web hosting company there is a lot more to master.

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