Mediums Who Talk to the Dead – Fact Or Fiction? This May SHOCK You If You’re Skeptical!

Mediums Who Talk to the Dead – Fact Or Fiction? This May SHOCK You If You’re Skeptical!

Who else wants to talk about psychic mediums? As we approach Halloween, it’s amazing how many news stories, TV specials and other seasonal promotions are out there pumping up the paranormal! And nothing is more fascinating to me than the topic of mediums to purport to talk to the dead….MOSTLY because I’ve had my own suite of sensational experiences, but also because it’s such a hot button issue, with “true believers” on one side, and the cynical, skeptical and downright DOUBTFUL on the other!

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Mediums have been “performing” for hundreds of years. Some are con artists. Others average well, but aren’t really all that talented. And others nevertheless….are doing something so rare, powerful and transcendent, that already the most hardcore science minded skeptic CAN’T explain it away. (other than to say they are conspiring with other people to get the facts ahead of time!)

Need proof? Some of the greatest scientific minds of ALL time have studied psychic mediumship, gone IN feeling like the whole thing was a “joke” and come out as STAUNCH believers in the idea that life goes on, AND the dead CAN communicate with us from the other side.

William James (often thought of as one of the greatest intellectuals ever), Frederick Meyers, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (the creator of Sherlock Holmes), and already the cofounder of the theory of evolution, Alfred Rusel Wallace, studied and came to believe in the AUTHENTICITY of psychic communications coming from the “other side”.

(an interesting historical observe: Abraham Lincoln is known to have been a believer in mediums, not only conducting seances in the White House, but also telling others of his own impending death months before his assassination after seeing his “spirit” leave his body in the reflection of a mirror)

Today, famous psychic mediums like John Edward, George Anderson and many others have been studied rigorously by science minded skeptics….and the BEST they can offer to explain some of the amazing information that comes by is fraud. (as in – the TV hosts, the audience or the radio call in show people at home are all in on a giant conspiracy together!) Or they’ll claim “cold reading” is used to “rule” people to give answers that the medium then uses to guess more information. Does that happen in some of the situations? Absolutely! But does that explain the GENUINE information coming by REAL mediums who aren’t “paid to perform” and aren’t asking ANYTHING that doesn’t have a “yes or no” answer, are often doing the work on the telephone and have NO real way of ascertaining ANYTHING about the person they are reading, other than what they claim to get from genuine spirits? It doesn’t….and there are FAR too many authentic situations of this to discount it as “cheating” or a “good guess” or other insulting intellectual silliness!

The Bottom Line?

Until you have a genuine psychic reading, with a sincere and authentic sensitive, clairvoyant or intuitive, you simply won’t understand how powerful the experience really is…and how much it CHANGES and transforms your life (in a positive way!) once you do!

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