Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

People who suffer a moderate or harsh brain injury, by no fault of their own, must instruct a personal injury lawyer who specialises in obtaining rehabilitation and compensation for victims of head injury. Using the experience of acting for many victims of moderate and harsh head injury, these expert lawyers are also able to help those with less harsh njury affecting the brain. These situations can be challenging in their own right, especially as treating doctors can often overlook the signs of mild traumatic brain injury, also known as TBI, for a number of reasons.

What is a mild brain injury?

A mild traumatic brain injury is currently defined by the World Health Organisation as an injury to the head which includes symptoms of confusion, a loss of consciousness of up to 30 minutes, post-traumatic amnesia for up to 24 hours and a Glasgow Coma Score of between 13-15 for at the minimum a half hour after the injury.

What is the outlook?

Statistics show that these more minor injuries to the brain explain up to 90% of all traumatic injuries suffered to the brain. Luckily the great majority of people who experience a traumatic head injury go on to make a complete recovery, with rest, within a few weeks. However a small number of people will continue to suffer persistent symptoms which are often subtle and difficult to isolate as mild traumatic brain injury, as they can be similar to symptoms of depression or PTSD.

Medical Advances in Diagnosis

current advances in MRI scanning examination have improved its accuracy and have been used to show damage to white matter already in the brains of patients with a less harsh injury of the brain. This may be an explanation as to why some people do not retrieve fully and complain of current symptoms, such as fatigue and poor memory. More research though is needed in this area to help us fully understand the character of this minor injury to the brain, and why it is that some people are so badly affected, whilst many others go on to return to their lives unharmed.

Head Injury Lawyers

in addition as helping clients who have suffered harsh head injuries, expert head injury lawyers also assist clients who have suffered minor traumatic injury to the brain. They fully understand the difficulties caused by the various symptoms and how they can be quite weakening. They also appreciate the frustrations of victims who often struggle to get a proper medical diagnosis.

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