Multiple Ways Paradise Freebies Networks Pay Traders

When I started in the freebie trading business four years ago the only way for traders to get paid was by PayPal. That was and remains an excellent payment method but the business has expanded payment options, which is great for traders. No incentivized freebie website has more payout choices than the Paradise Freebies network, which also includes the My Cash Freebies and Free Treasure Chest sites.

The Paradise Freebies network now offers traders five ways to get paid. In addition to the old faithful method, PayPal, the Paradise Freebies network now pays traders via Alert Pay, check, money order, and direct place. Let’s take a quick look at each option.

Getting paid by Alert Pay or company check works very much like getting paid via PayPal. As with PayPal, you don’t need a minimum amount in your Paradise Freebies network account to use these payment options.When you’re ready to cash out just request that your money be sent to your Alert Pay account, or request a check. Checks are mailed out the business day after you place your request. Just make sure that your name and address on file with the Paradise Freebies network are completely accurate so your check goes to the right residence and the right person–YOU.

Payment options four and five are a bit more complicated than the other three. These options are a postal money order and direct place.

Postal money orders are the least functional payment method. Commissions must total $100 before you can use this option, and money orders are sent out only once a week by certified mail. This method you have to sign for your money order, and if you’re not home when it arrives you must pick it up at the post office. Once you get your money order you can cash or place it however you wish. Just know that this payment method is a bit involved should you decide to use it.

Direct place is the fifth payment choice the Paradise Freebies network offers traders. It’s popular but it has a associate of drawbacks. Like the money order option you must have $100 in commissions to use direct place. Also, this option must be arranged in improvement by signing and mailing in a direct place request form. You can’t simply request it when you’re ready to cash out. So, direct place isn’t quite as functional as it first seems. nevertheless, it’s a good cash out choice, especially as your freebie trading business becomes more profitable.

There they are, the five payment options the Paradise Freebies network gives its traders. Not all options will work for everyone but the number of options guarantees that every trader will find a payment method that works for him or her. Kudos to Paradise Freebies, and fruitful trading!

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