NPI Number – Everything You Need to Know About NPI Numbers

NPI Number – Everything You Need to Know About NPI Numbers

What is an NPI number, who needs one, how do you get one, who needs two NPI numbers, what is a taxonomy code and how does it affect your NPI # (and your payments), how do you get someone else NPI #, and I think I have a NPI # but don’t know what it is are a few of the questions that have arisen.

The whole vicinity of NPI is confusing and since it just came into effect May 23, 2007, we are just beginning to see the challenges. We are all learning together about how the change will affect our offices.

We are nevertheless getting calls from and obtaining NPI numbers for providers who have not gotten one in addition. We are also answering many questions on our “Ask the Biller” page on NPI #s. Here is a sampling of these questions. You can download a free ebook of all the examples we’ve come up against since the NPI was first introduced if you go to our website. The link is below.

  • What is a NPI #?

    Since May 23, 2007 any provider of medical sets is required to acquire a National Provider Identification number. They are free and fairly easy to acquire.

  • Who needs a NPI #?

    There is nevertheless some confusion over whether certain providers need to have an NPI. If you contact the NPI enumerator they can’t already tell you.

  • How do you get a NPI?

    The easiest way to get a NPI number is to hire us to get it for you for. Michele has obtained so many now she can get by the website application in four minutes while you are on the phone with her. The stated number has been coming back to us the same day in many situations. You can call Michele for help at 1-800-490-4299.

    The NPI # itself is free. You can fill out an application yourself at their website. It takes about 15 – 20 minutes for a first time user. You can also download a paper application to send by mail. You can get to the NPI website by going to the NPI # page on our website and scroll to the bottom.

  • When does an office need two NPI numbers?

    Your office will require both an individual NPI # for the doctor and a group NPI # for the office if you bill under a separate tax id number.

  • Where do you put the NPI # on the claim form?

    On the new CMS 1500 form the NPI goes in box 24J, 32A & 33A.

  • What challenges are arising as a consequence of the implementation of the NPI?

    So far the biggest problem we have seen arise was when we sent our first batch of electronic claims to the clearing house with the newly entered NPI #s. Some of the insurance carriers receiving the claims were not in addition ready for the change to the NPI #s (they were granted the additional year to comply) and not in addition ready to accept the NPI #s. All their claims were kicked out of the system and had to be printed to paper.

    For more information on NPI #s and answers to more questions such as

  • Does a physician who works at two offices need two NPI #s?
  • What do you do if you think you have a NPI #, but you don’t know what or where it is?
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  • Why do you need other providers NPI #s?
  • Are the insurance carriers really going to deny a claim if it doesn’t have a NPI?
  • Can a foreign doctor apply for a NPI #?

    and much more, download a copy of our free ebook at our website.

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