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You may think having erectile dysfunction is like being stranded alone on an island: it can be incredibly lonely and isolating, and you might feel like there’s no way to get help. But the truth is, that island is far from deserted; Over 30 million men are dealing with the exact same problem. 

There are ways to combat your ED, and a large number of men over 50 are also battling these issues.  In fact, 52% of men will experience ED at some point in their lives[1],  but sadly many will refuse to seek treatment. In a study of 6 million ED patients, it was found that 75% didn’t receive or fill their prescriptions[2]

Why Aren’t Men Over 50 Seeking Treatment for ED?

Three major reasons prevent most men from seeking treatment for their erectile dysfunction: Convenience, cost, and pride.


Most men have spent their lives working, and don’t have time outside of their job to run errands. Sitting on the phone with a receptionist, driving to appointments, sitting in a doctor’s office, going to the pharmacy; all this can suck up a huge amount of time. 

While some ED medication companies offer a simpler solution, the usual route is far too much hassle. 


By the age of 50, Fidelity recommends men have 6 times their salary saved to be on track for retirement[3].  Unfortunately, the average American is well below that [3]

Depending on your cost of living, that leaves little margin of error when budgeting. With generic Viagra® costing as much as $40 per pill[4], ED medication just isn’t an option for most men trying to plan for their future. 


Let’s confront it, no one wants to let in to experiencing erectile dysfunction. Reduced sexual performance can destroy a man’s confidence, and it’s one of the few subjects you hear few men already joking about.

It’s much easier to ignore the problem and never seek treatment. Unfortunately, that’s what the great majority of men do. Despite 52% of men experiencing ED, 3 in 4 won’t seek treatment[2]. Most are too proud to go in to talk to their doctor about erectile dysfunction, and their love lives suffer for it. 

What Is Friday Plans, and How Does It Solve These Problems?

Friday Plans is an ED medication company that intends to change the inconvenient and overpriced standards of the industry. Their mission is to get you the generic Viagra® you need easily, and for a far lower cost than a standard pharmacy. 

They do this by tackling the exact issues that prevent men from seeking treatment and providing ground-breaking solutions by thinking outside of the box. 


With Friday Plans, you won’t talk to a receptionist, or a doctor, or anyone at all. Their free consultation course of action is simply a free questionnaire to determine eligibility, which can take as little as 2 minutes to complete. In most states, you don’t already have to talk to a doctor to get prescribed online for free. 

Once approved, you won’t need to go to a pharmacy. Friday Plans ships your medication for free straight to your home. The only traveling you’ll have to do is from your computer to your door, then right back to the bedroom. Once there, you’ll see just what they average by Sex 2.0


By reconfiguring the traditional ED medication formula, Friday Plans is able to offer their generic Viagra® for a fraction of the price of a pharmacy. Forget $40, with Friday Plans you pay as little as $1.75 per pill. Friday Plans achieved this by building their own direct-to-patient platform from scratch. 

They also source their generic Viagra® directly from FDA-approved pharmaceutical manufacturers and use an automated prescription filling course of action by a central fill pharmacy. Each of these elements lowers their operating costs, and they pass those savings on to their patients. 


Friday Plans takes pride in their work, but being too proud gets in the way of a person’s happiness. There is nothing wrong with asking for help, but Friday Plans understands how difficult it can be to talk about ED with your doctor, let alone your partner. 

That’s part of the reason they deleted the need to talk to a doctor at all. You can get your prescription without speaking to a person, and get started with your treatment. Friday Plans also ships in discreet packaging, so the only person who will know about your treatment plan is you. They make their packing fun and sexy, so it doesn’t feel like you are taking medication at all. When you pull out Friday Plans, you won’t feel like you’re taking a pill; you’ll feel like you’re starting the party!

Are There Any Drawbacks to Using Friday Plans?

While Friday Plans is more functional and lower cost than most of its competitors, it does without the option of a chewable pill. Swallowing pills can be a pain, and some ED medication companies have produced their own chewable form of generic Viagra® to combat this problem.

Unfortunately, Friday Plans doesn’t feel comfortable employing these chewable pills. The reason for that is that chewable forms of generic Viagra® have not been approved by the FDA[5].

Many of these companies also source their medication from compounding facilities, a non-FDA-approved form of manufacturer. Friday Plans wants its customers to have the safest treatment plan possible, and only deliver medication 100% approved by the FDA. 

How Can I Get Friday Plans and Upgrade to Sex 2.0?

If you want firmer, longer-lasting erections, click here to start your free questionnaire. It only takes a few minutes, and after you are approved, Friday Plans will ship your medication for free. If for any reason you aren’t 100% satisfied with your treatment, Friday Plans will refund your money closest. Not only that, you can keep any medication you’ve already received, just in case you change your mind. 

You’re working hard to plan for retirement, which should be a time of relaxation for you and your meaningful other. Don’t let something like erectile dysfunction ruin that time or your sex life. Your journey to eliminate ED starts by clicking here for your free questionnaire and upgrade to Sex 2.0!


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