Pflueger Apprentis Rod And Reel Combo Review

Pflueger Apprentis Rod And Reel Combo Review


The first time I picked up my everyday rod and reel this spring, I noticed the Bail Wire Assembly would not kick back. Now, I don’t know anything about fixing reels, and I think I paid under $25 for the reel. Not only that, but somehow over the winter the tip of my pole broke.

I was out shopping one day with a friend and started looking at rod and reel combos. I heard a lot of good things about PFLUEGER. So I decided to give a PFLUEGER Rod and Reel a try.


Here is some things PFLUEGER had to say about the Apprentice.

*3 Stainless Steel Ball Bearings 

*moment anti-reverse bearing 

*Anti-twist line roller


*5’10” IM -6 graphite rod 

*Stainless steel double foot hook keeper

The Reel

OK, yes, it only has 3 Ball Bearings, but lets confront it – I’m just your average fisherman. If I had 40 Ball Bearings I probably wouldn’t know what to do with all of them. It does come with a Anti Reverse Lever and is light weight. As for the Machined Spool, I really don’t care as long as it holds my line and works well. The Soft Touch Knob is rubber, like most, and is soft. And The Anti Twist Line Roller: I believe the line and the roller have a part in this, but had I’ve had very few knots in my line. What do I rate PFLUEGER’S Apprentice Reel?

I’ve used it for almost 4 months now and have put it under some extreme tests. The river, boat, land, and the big test – a 13-year-old. I rate this a 8 out of 10. Good for me or for my young friends that are just starting to fish.

The Rod

It’s printed right on the rod that it is IM-6 graphite, and there is no reason to believe this company would lie. The Custom Sized Corked divided Grip is awesome and gives this rod a real look to it. The reel seat screws in easy and holds the reel tight. I have never had to tighten it. As for the hook keeper, as always I love this characterize on all my rods, as I’m sure you do too.

The only problem I have had with this rod was when I was hung up on a rock one day fishing for Small Mouth Bass. As I tried to tap the jig off the rock, the line broke and the top half of the pole went flying behind me. In my book, there is no reason for a pole to separate. This has not happened since, and I hope never well again. My rating on the pole is a 5 out of 10 due to the pole separating. I must mention that I can feel the deference between a bite and a snag with the rod.

In the end

I like this rod and reel combo from PFLUEGER. I did have a problem one time with the rod but, it hasn’t happened since. The look of the rod and reel is awesome. bright and colorful. I can feel not only snags, but actual bites in addition. I rate the rod and reel together a 8 out of 10. If it’s for you or someone just starting out, I think you well like it.

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